Most people who go to a fitness gym or exercise center have come across a fair share of people running around with yoga mats slung over their shoulders. Dave was one of these guys who had seen this, so when it was time for him to take a yoga class, he assumed that he would need an Asthanga yoga mat of his own. Where can you get information on how to find the right Ashthanga yoga mat for the type of yoga you will be taking?

If you are looking for a decent price on an Ashtanga yoga mat, then start by looking in your local department stores or sporting goods stores. Although your yoga studio may want to sell you one, they are often much more expensive when you buy them at a yoga studio.
Take a yoga class before you buy your first mat. You might not know it, but some classes will provide you with mats and may actually not want you to bring your own mat. However, most classes will request that you bring your own mat with you.
You will find that not all yoga mats are the same and the kind that you choose may depend on the surface that you will be putting it on. If you will be doing yoga on carpet, then a “sticky mat” will not work as well as it would on a dance floor or a workout surface. So, again, take a look at the yoga class first.
Many folks with no experience at all with yoga and don’t know what kind of Asthanga yoga mat to buy have found online retailers to be a great resource for yoga information of all kinds.
Just like other types of sporting equipment, there are several important factors to any yoga mat that you should keep in mind when you buy one. First of all, you may lose it or ruin it over time, so try and buy one that is affordable. Also, by having a mat that is uniquely colored, it will be easier for you to find on the floor.

Choosing a good quality mat that is big enough for you for you and that is easy enough for you to store in the trunk of your car or carry over your shoulder on the way to and from your yoga class.

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