What ties Cheryl Cole, President Jimmy Carter, George Washington together?


Cheryl Ann Cole was born in Newcastle Upon Tyne on the 30th of June 1983, Newcastle is on the North East coast of England, about seven and a half miles  North West of Washington the ancestral home of George Washington. Washington England was in County Durham, (C.D.) as opposed to Washington, D.C, in America, where it stands for District of Columbia. Washington England is a new Town and has a village called Columbia, it has many other links with the U.S.A.


Cheryl Cole is probably known best for her appearance on the Television Show the X-Factor, transmitted on Saturday and Sunday nights in the United Kingdom. Cheryl having recently divorced from her football star husband Ashley Cole, has reverted back to her maiden name of Cheryl Ann tweedy.


George Washington was the first president of the United States of America, from 1789 till 1797 George Washington was commander of the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War from 1775 to 1783.  His role in the revolution and subsequent independence and formation of the United States was significant, and is seen by Americans as the “Father of Our Country”.


Cheryl sprang to fame after winning a place in the Girls group, Girls aloud, Girls aloud was formed from the hit Television Show Pop Stars the rivals, shown in the U.K. during 2002. Cheryl is not only a singer and songwriter, she is also a model, a very talented lady who has many skills, and her face is the new face used by L’Oreal the prestigious makeup manufacturer.


Girls aloud have been very successful in the music industry; the group has had amazing success with 20 of their singles rising into the top ten of the pop music charts. The all girl group have produced five albums in their studio, all the albums have achieved platinum status, as certified by the British Photographic Industry, and two of their albums went to the number one spot in the U.K.


Washington Old Hall, in Washington Tyne Wear, (A county formed from many local authorities) is owned by the national trust; it is open to visitors throughout a part of each year. Independence Day is still celebrated at the Old Hall, with the raising of the stars and stripes flag, the hall is also used as a venue for a wedding, which adds an unusual touch to this special ceremony.


The last American President to visit Washington was Jimmy Carter, he visited Washington, Tyne & Wear in May 1977, obviously excited about visiting a Town where five generations of George Washington ancestors, had lived.


By John Allsopp, Washington Tyne Wear.

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