Every year, fans of fashion eagerly await the latest trends for each season. With winter, spring, and summer already taken care of, the remaining season for 2015 is the autumn. It’s a season that so many people love because it brings back the cool weather that lets them don cozy sweaters, warm hats, cute boots, and light scarves.

what to expect for fall fashion 2015

But what should you be expecting in the world of fashion this fall in terms of the trends that are popular both on the runway and off? Continue reading so you can learn more and be prepared to flaunt the greatest style trends.

Car Wash Skirts

Fringe has been a major trend in the world of fashion for quite some time, and it’s definitely a staple, along with cowgirl jeans, in the Western fashion world. But in the fall, fringe is taken up a notch in the form of car wash skirts. Offering a polished appearance, these skirts are great for women who want to look great while casually out with friends or even while working. They go wonderfully with a clean-cut top, though you can also find dresses with thick fringe on the bottom as well.

Flared Pants

In keeping with the resurgence of 1970s fashion, flared pants will still definitely be in style come the fall of 2015, so stock up. Give your skinny jeans a break for a while and don a pair of flared jeans or a pair of dress pants with a slight flare at the bottom. If you’re concerned that these pants will make your legs look shorter, wear a pair of heels or wedges instead of flats.

Be Gothic

It turns out that the fashion world is turning to the otherwise alternative and often ignored gothic look this fall, so go ahead and purchase as many black pieces as your heart desires. And if you used to wear gothic attire in the past, you can bring back some of your old favorites and wear them with confidence again. From long black dresses with transparent fabrics, to head-to-toe black outfits, black skirts, and more, the options are endless. Take it up another notch by donning black nail polish and lipstick.

Accessorize with Oversized Earrings

The one accessory that really stood out on the fall 2015 trend list is an oversized pair of earrings. Earrings are often a great way to complete a look, but with the large designs that are popular for the fall, you’re sure to make an impact.

Neon Colors

Finally, when it comes to popular colors for the fall of 2015, it’s all about the neon hues that grew extremely popular in the ’80s. Make them sophisticated rather than cheesy by pairing them with neutral tones, so think dark gray skirts with a bit of neon green in the design.

From the boho style of the ’70s to the neon colors of the ’80s, there are plenty of ways to bring back the past in a whole new way this fall, so have fun and feel free to revitalize your wardrobe.

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