No doubt at some point you’ve heard the traditional bridal rhyme of “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe.” That last little bit gives us some insight into where the rhyme originated.

As for each item in the poem, they represent a token of good luck for the bride on her long-awaited day. It is said that if the bride carries one of each item on her wedding day, she will enjoy a long, happy marriage. Something new represents optimism and hope for her new life to come and something borrowed is typically an item from a married relative or friend who is enjoying good fortune in marriage and wishes to carry the fortune over to the new bride. Something borrowed is set to remind the bride that she can always rely on her family and friends. As for something blue, the colour itself has been a symbol of modesty, love and fidelity for the bride for centuries.

And Then There’s Something Old

Something old is something that the bride can carry to symbolise continuity with her family and the past. Many brides like to choose one of their mother or grandmothers’ genuine antique diamond engagement rings to wear on the day. There’s nothing quite as sentimental as a beautiful piece of jewellery that has become an heirloom over generations. But what to get that’s something old can be difficult to find.

What If She Wants an Antique Ring?

Maybe your bride really likes the style of bygone eras and would love to choose a bespoke antique piece of her own. Then it’s time to start shopping for genuine antique diamond engagement rings. Here’s how to get started.

  1. Do You Have Any Idea What Sort of Antique Ring She Likes?

A lot of guys start shopping for an engagement ring with absolutely no idea of what their girlfriend really wants. Of course, one of the most full proof styles is a setting with diamond centre and a few stones surrounding it. But antique rings offer an array of precious, beautiful stones and settings along with some interesting band designs, usually in white or yellow gold. It might be a good idea to discuss your bride-to-be’s taste with her, or choose the ring together.

  1. Have you Set a Budget?

Unless money really is no object for you, you’re going to have to be guided by a budget. Whether you want to get something extremely precious and pricey, or have a limited budget, price is going to dictate the quality and size of the antique engagement ring you choose. Unless of course you yourself have a precious family heirloom to present your loved one with.

If you have a fairly strict budget, you could try choosing a smaller, clear stone or even a bigger, darker diamond. If it is an antique diamond you’re after, stay away from any colour grade below K which is far too yellow, or any cut grades below “Very Good” which won’t have quite enough sparkle. In fact, it’s better to choose a clearer colour and better cut over that number of carats.

  1. Do You Know Her Ring Size?

When choosing genuine antique diamond engagement rings, you’re going to need to know your intended’s ring size. Try sneaking into her jewellery box and borrowing a ring to take with you to the jeweller. If this is a little impossible, don’t worry too much – you can always resize the ring once you’ve popped the question. Any jeweller can resize a ring, so it’s not much effort at all.

  1. Does she Like Following Trends?

If your intended bride-to-be loves keeping up with the latest fashions, that’s okay! At the moment yellow gold Victorian rings are all the rage, even if they’re a little difficult to get hold of. Art Deco is also rather en vogue at the moment complete with hard angles and geometric lines. It all comes down to the type on antique style your girlfriend loves and sees herself wearing for the rest of your lives together.

  1. What does she do for a living?

Does your girlfriend work with her hands a lot? If so, you may want to stay away from delicate rings and settings. Even people who are rather animated with their hands when talking have been known to break their precious rings!

  1. Make Sure you Trust Your Jeweller

Sometimes a guy can be really eager to get engaged as soon as possible. It’s almost a romantic sense of urgency. But do take the time to find a jeweller you trust. If you opt for buying genuine antique diamond engagement rings online, do some research and find feedback from previous customers for the jeweller you would like to use. Don’t just browse a website’s testimonials, companies can easily handpick those. Another thing to research is the online jeweller’s return policy – they should give you enough time to take a good look at the ring and confirm that it is the one you really want. 14 days is a good time period for this.

  1. New versus antique diamond rings

No doubt about it, vintage diamonds have a soul to them; a story to tell; a history. Anything old really has a great feel to it – whether it’s an old coat, an old pair of jeans or an antique ring – it’s something that’s already been around and stood the test of time. A new diamond, though looks squeaky clean. But think about art: if you take a perfectly straight line, is it going to be as appealing to the eye as a line that’s a little broken up? When things tend to be just a tiny bit off, they are far more appealing to the eye than something brand new and perfect.

Vintage diamond rings offer soulfulness and uniqueness. They’re also eco-friendly and conflict-free.

Something Old. The Dilemma of Getting The Uncommon

An engagement ring is something you’re going to wear for the rest of your life, so make sure it is special.


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