Anybody who’s into the designer craze isn’t that into it without knowing Fendi. It is, of course, one of the most glamorous names to wear around. Whether that’s a handbag over your shoulders or a diamond-studded watch on your wrist, Fendi is one of the most powerful forces in the world of fashion. And it’s been that way since time immemorial. Ask you mom and she’d tell you she’s had at least one Fendi purse or tote in her life. If she never had one, she probably wanted to.

One thing about these fashion treats these days is they can come in bulk which make them incredibly cheaper. Wholesale designer bag varieties are now available and no longer cost a fortune. Yet wholesale or retail, Fendi always stands out. The brand is simply one of the most glamorous among the designer royalties but it’s nice to know it had its share of humble beginnings once upon a time. It was in 1980 when Americans first met Fendi in the form of leather handbags. New York and Los Angeles were the first two states where the brand first made itself known in. Today, it’s in every famous district in the United States and every famous fashion capital offshore. Part of Fendi’s charm is not only its beautiful and innovative designs. They also have diversified and went to production of non-leather bags, fashion accessories, shoes, coats and even fragrances.

The brand itself is associated with fame, luxury, fashion and everything high-end. Indeed, it must deserve every bit of glory that it enjoys. It has been around since 1918 which makes it nearly a century old. Nobody can argue with a track record and reputation that lives that long a time. If Fendi got here in the perfect shape it is in right now, there’s no doubt it deserves every fashoinista’s adoration.

If you are wondering if the brand is a person’s name, yes. It is the name of the husband of Adele Caserne who founded Fendi in Rome, Italy where they first sold exclusively fur and leather. Fourteen years later, the store branched out in the Via pIave region, still in Rome, where it became such a hit among those who had such fine taste in fashion. Every little bag and accessory became a fast favorite among locals and tourists and soon, the entire Fendi family was into the business.

The brand was already doing great but it was when Bloomingdale department store started displaying Fendi handbags that the name became an international hit. Soon, Europe was to be captured by this unmistakable fashion presence and then the rest of the USA.

Today, there is nothing glamorous that a Fendi shop won’t give you. Be it a handbag, a purse or fashion accessories such as bracelets and earrings, Fendi will always ring that familiar bell.

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