cashmere is for spring 2015

Spring 2015 is just about upon us, and just like every year, it is presenting those daily dressing dilemmas. Will the weather be too cold for that pretty skirt without leggings or tights? Will you be sweating all day in that long sleeved sweater if the sun comes out? Spring is undoubtedly the toughest season to dress for on a practical note, but it can also be a season where some of the prettiest trends emerge. Spring 2015 is no exception, with the runways showing off all kinds of beautiful, feminine looks with lace, florals and fresh colors that really make you feel like spring is here.

Layering is Key in the Spring Months

Of course, taking those looks from the designers and making them into comfortable, wearable outfits for unpredictable days is not as easy as stylists would have us believe! This is why in spring, your best friends are usually easy to layer sweaters, cardigans and light jackets. These allow you to start wearing the nice dresses, skirts and light trousers of spring, without risking frostbite if it turns out to be one of those more ‘blustery’ spring days.

If you want to kit yourself out with good quality, on trend layering pieces like cardigans and sweaters, this season, the luxury of cashmere is going to be a big look.

Why Is Cashmere Such a Hot Look for Spring 2015?

Soft, luxuriant cashmere was seen on many of the runway collections of major designers for this season, including the likes of Chanel and Calvin Klein. Cashmere is a material that does quite often get used in winter collections, but when used for spring it can be designed in lighter ways, such as delicate cardigans with lace detailing, or soft, lightweight short sleeved sweaters. Cashmere is valued so much because of its texture, giving a truly luxurious feel when worn and also creating a nice visible textile look that is matte, but gentle. When paired with some of the most popular colours designers are using for spring 2015, like fresh sea greens, bright, happy coral colours, and crisp neutrals, it can look fantastic, and this is probably why it has been so much of a feature in the previews for spring 2015 clothing.

How to Wear it

Look for good quality, classically styled pieces that will not only help you layer and look great this season, but can also be tasteful wardrobe staples that will look good in years to come. Cashmere is a fairly expensive thing, so you don’t want to consider these to be one season trend pieces. Brands specialising in cashmere like Orwell Austen (you can check out their range at where you can find sweaters, cardigans, scarves and hats, all in rich cashmere) can be the best choice if you are looking for good cashmere clothing that will fit with both current and future looks.

Cashmere is comfortable, beautiful and lovely to wear, so if you are shopping for your spring layering items, incorporate this great textile into your wardrobe right away! Remember, cashmere is for spring 2015!

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