Have a favorite Louis vuitton bags, for a woman, like an inseparable partner with. Louis vuitton bag woman eager to love, for men, always puzzled. In fact, women, men have their own hobbies. If you come to one of empathy, obsession with a woman on the Louis vuitton will have a clear answer.
Mice Love Rice Love is like Louis vuitton bag woman
A few years ago a song “Mice Love Rice” was very popular, widely sung the streets. Joking people, the song lyrics if a change, into a woman love Louis vuitton bag, very appropriate. Louis vuitton bag on the love of a woman, just like Mice Love Rice, like how eager Mice Love Rice, the woman does not love Louis vuitton handbags much less. This kind of love Louis vuitton handbag from a woman’s heart, even if Haikushilan there will not be slightly modified.
Louis vuitton bag is like a man loves a woman love books
Women often say, very much like a book into the hands of men, so men holding in their hands, read on for life. I do not know whether men want to become a woman in the hands of a classic lv bags, carry into the day, brought out by a woman, go, to the where.
Louis vuitton bag is like a man loves a woman car
Women love bags, man car, this sentence can be called a classic.Women love the new Louis vuitton bags, and men love cars exactly the same. So the scene at the Beijing Auto Show, will appear by the Louis Vuitton trunk of the car design, although this will not be Louis vuitton bag store sales, instead letting men like cars and like Louis vuitton lady came to the auto show scene together .
Louis vuitton bag is like a man loves a woman love football
When the World Cup phone-in was underway, someone exclaimed, during the World Cup, I do not know how many women would jealously guarding its availability. If we say that the most jealous woman during the World Cup football, wait for them to become a football hanging in the men’s noses. So, if men be jealous, jealous woman to the hands of the Louis vuitton bag it. Louis vuitton bag because of the obsession with a woman, no less a man in the eyes of the World Cup. Fortunately,Louis Vuitton to make women feel dejected Buzhi Yu during the World Cup, the trophy with a loaded Louis vuitton bags, Louis vuitton handbags with a football pattern, there are contests in the coffee shop with a Louis vuitton bags table football’s number one Louis vuitton three ads for the time being are tied to a woman’s mind the World Cup scene.
These women love Louis vuitton bags on the metaphor, if they feel appropriate, it is understandable after a man loves a woman Louis vuitton the anxious, if they feel it a little far-fetched, it is the right thing when the talk of gossip, laugh.

Louis vuitton bag is a woman loves like a man love football

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