Shari had trained extremely hard all summer, as her goal was to run a half marathon in the fall. She spend a lot of hours running the nearby sidewalks, the trails, and the gravel road. However, by the time she ran the race, her body was in some serious pain and needed to recover from all the miles, which is why her friend Sara suggested a yoga class.

Yoga wasn’t as hard on the joints and muscles, but it would keep Shari’s body in shape and toned. The problem was Shari didn’t know what she needed to bring to class. She looked online and found you needed certain clothes and a mat. Her goal was to buy the best yoga mat possible.

What are qualities of the best yoga mat?

– Buy the right mat for the class you are attending.
– Quality mats will have the extra padding to help you do the yoga positions.
– Mats should be around four millimeters thick.
– The best mats are eco-friendly.
– Mats are designed with extra friction.
– Find mats that can handle extra moisture and have extra durability.
– Choose patterns and colors that display your personal style.
– You can find more ideas online at blogs or yoga stores.

You will discover that there are two different kinds of mats available. You can find them online or at the store, but it is important to buy the appropriate one for your class. There is the Bikram yoga mat and the Ashtanga yoga mat. You should buy best yoga mat to help you thoroughly enjoy your experience.

The mat should be four millimeters thick, although the thickness depends on the person. Extra padding will protect someone from the floor when completing the yoga poses. A quality mat is created from material that prevents you from slipping or sliding.

Plus, you don’t want in a mat that has been created with polyvinyl chloride (PVC), as it prevents the mat from being recycled and can cause cancer. A quality mat won’t have PVC in it and is created out of eco-friendly materials.

The best yoga mat should be durable, because most don’t want to get another one right away. Some of the lower quality mats could fall apart in a short period. It is important to research and read the available reviews. You need to make sure the mat handles extra moisture, because otherwise they could make you slip.

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