I recently rented and saw Wizards. I remember Wizards very clearly because when I saw the Animated film I was no more than 13 or so. I was very surprised by the cartoon in that it was wildly unfamiliar territory, and completely original. Nazi imagery in an animated feature, well sure! Why not. With Hollywood crazed with Hitler these days Wizards can seem downright prophetic. After all now we have Tom Cruise as an assassin against Hitler, and now a Tarantino movie Inglorious Bastards (or Glorious Assholes? might be more to the point.) Brad Pitt et. al. jumping on the Hollywood Holocaust bandwagon. Hitler allows so many to be heroes, without really being heroes.

Heck, even in The Spirit (recently out on DVD) Director and Writer of the film, Dark Knight’s Frank Miller, has Samuel Jackson (of all people!) get up as an SS Officer! And he looked really good! Maybe you can’t get with the ideology but Nazi’s are red hot these days. Reading over a post at By The Book, our book review site, Charles Solomon, does seem to dismiss Mr. Bakshi.


“Bakshi’s “Fritz the Cat” and “Heavy Traffic” opened new areas of content in American animation, but his vision proved too dark, too violent, too ugly and too lacking in taste for many viewers. His work has not aged gracefully and is mostly disregarded at a time when animated features have achieved greater prominence. A thoughtful, balanced study might attract new audiences to Bakshi’s films, but a superficial apologia like “Unfiltered” cannot benefit the reputation of the man or his work.”

Mr. Bakshi’s ‘Vision’ may be too Adult to have legs is what I think is the trouble. In Mr. Solomon’s eyes Mr. Bakshi needs to apologize, but he isn’t a politician would be the response to Mr. Solomon’s moralizing stances. Mr. Bakshi is wise Not to apologize. I think Mr. Solomon has a poor Vision of his own here, he is rather dismal in his opinions of Mr. Bakshi’s work, which sound like the cookie cutter, he appears to be looking for Cars #7 or the new Toy Story to come out, Solomon doesn’t want danger but wants to be asleep at the wheel, and isn’t that what it says on the headstone? Rest In Peace. I guess, since life seems a bit too big for Solomon and his near-do-wells! A long and Drooling sleep is what is called for!

It is an easy thing to do these days, to look at what didn’t work and see where things went, yet it’s all just a matter of the times, is all. We’re not actually seeing much Adventurous Animation in Movie theaters. I’m not saying that the Animated Films are poor or bad in any way, although most aren’t all that great, I’m just saying that we are only seeing one tiny viewpoint ad infinitum. Very little of a dimensional approach is brought to the process. Which made Wizards all the more surprising in that Mr. Bakshi wasn’t holding back the anger, malice or fear. In the article Mr. Solomon does play it up about the various controversies surrounding Mr. Bakshi’s work. But we’d best not be too much like an American politician who must craft each word to shimmer and each thought to crackle with the energy of Complacency, no Mr. Bakshi had some passion but it isn’t a passion recognized by a mass media of Pablum. It’s the only Media we’ve got in America, still it never ceases to amaze me how inherent the subterfuge is, the ignorance of so many does outweigh the few (is what Spock should have said!) in popular dens of inequity. With everyone a perfect candidate is it any wonder that anything of remote interest that isn’t of the thought processes of ordinary pursuits gets lost or hidden deep within that howling well?

I often feel like this nation or any nation on Earth presently, I feel that the societies which we appear to covet can’t sustain the creativity and imagination that is inherent in a larger perspective. A multi dimensional view is not respected much. The fears of nations are everywhere around us. We have arbiters and every kind of commentator talking endlessly about “what is important” but with so much ignored or dismissed by an unthinking and rude horde of task masters, I believe that everything of a deeper note is thoroughly underground in every sense. And maybe that’s why Hitler is such a popular item in Hollywood these days, He’s someone who so many can gather round the Maypole and pat themselves on the back. I guess it’s about Pride, but has so little to do with the Present or the Future. So it’s a world of blinders in every sense then and that does make it more cool to find cool items of interest, on such a bloated and worthless landscape! And maybe that’s a little bit of why I was so moved by Wizards so long ago.

The Audacity of it all!

Wizards by Ralph Bakshi was first Published at: Traffix In Graphix

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