For all the important events in our life, it’s easy to drop in to the hair dresser for a beautiful blow-out or up-do. For everyday at the office, we all have our go-to hair style whether it’s straightened, up in a ponytail or in loose waves. But when we head to the gym or the studio for a workout, most of us just grab the closest hair tie and throw our hair up. Anything to keep it out of our eyes, right? Don’t let your sweaty workouts get the best of your style. Your workout hair can look just as cute as your Friday night tresses. Here are 5 ways to do your hair:

1. French Braid

For those with long hair, a French braid is a great way to keep the hair out of your face on the treadmill or in an asana. If you have bangs, you can start by using bobby pins to keep them out of your face, then French braid the rest. If you’re feeling up to it, you can even try French braid pigtails.

2. Workout headband

If you have really short hair, a cute workout headband can really make a difference. It keeps your hair in place and you can find one that matches your outfit. I prefer doubling up on thinner ones and pulling the rest of my hair into a ponytail. Find that your headbands don’t stay in place? Make sure you find one with an added silicone grip on the underside. Still having problems? Use two thinner ones and cross them on the side so they hold each other in place.

Workout Hair

3. Multiple hair ties

I call this the “Princess Jasmine” hair style. Start at the top of your head and tie a small portion of your hair. Keep adding hair from the side and tying them until you get to your ponytail, then add more hair ties to your ponytail. I really like this hair style for working out because like the braid, this keeps long hair from getting tangled which happens inevitably after a spin class or a couple of yoga inversions.

4. Low fishtail braid with headband

Sometimes tying my hair up gives me a headache and especially after an hour of bouncing around in the gym, all the hair tugging can get irritating. A low braid is a good way to avoid that feeling and keep hair out of the way. Start with your hair down and loosely braid it starting from your nape. If you want an even looser feel, a fishtail keeps everything together without ever getting tight. Add a cute workout headband to keep your bangs (and sweat) out of your eyes and viola! You’re that girl who looks cute at the gym.

5. Top bun

Ask any ballerina and they’ll tell you that not only will a bun keep the hair off your face, it can stand jumping, kicking and turning when done right. Start with a ponytail at the crown on your head and wrap your hair into a bun there. Keeping it high will keep your center of balance in the right place and if you’re in yoga or Pilates class, will keep your head free for laying on the mat.

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