You heard that right, yoga is for men too!

Believe it or not, doing yoga actually builds muscle tone and definition. Traits that men are very much after. It achieves this by using your own body weight as a sort of barbell. Many yoga positions have you hold your body weight up against your arms or legs for a period of time. This can be extremely difficult and can give you a major workout. Imagine holding yourself in a push-up position motionless, and you get the idea.

Where are the men?

However, if you’ve been to a yoga studio, you’ve probably noticed that the majority of students are women. Don’t let this perception fool you however. Yoga has many benefits for men as well. Flexibility is an obvious benefit that you will attain from yoga, and no matter what sport you participate in, flexibility will only increase your competitive advantage. Also, much like martial arts, it will help to develop your mental focus. Once you have mastered the ability to tune out the noise and laser in on what you are doing, you will find that certain tasks become much easier than they previously were.

Another great thing about yoga is that you don’t need to buy any special equipment. Just a floor and a mat, and you are good to go!

Prevention and Recovery

Yoga can put you in tune with your body, allowing you to be aware of any muscles that may be getting worked out too hard. This will help reduce future injuries as you will be better at assessing your limits. We also mentioned flexibility. Muscles that are flexible and thoroughly stretched will recover faster after being strained from workouts.


After a hectic day at the office, yoga is a great way to de-stress and wind down. In fact, you can even do it in the privacy of your own office during a lunchbreak. Yoga teaches mindfulness and meditation, which are tools that help you detach yourself from an event or situation and gain a newfound clarity on it. A lot of times, intense cardio-type workouts can leave you exhausted. Doing some yoga breathing exercises can be a great post-workout ritual.

In the Bedroom

Finally, all the breathing and posturing exercises, along with the increased ability to focus, will help you in the sack no doubt. She will definitely notice that your sexual endurance has increased, and we guarantee that she will be all the happier. provides informed, to-the-point articles and resources, for those interested in kundalini yoga. For more information and guidance visit our website.

Our website also has some great yoga videos for those who want to learn in the privacy of their home.

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