This Christmas, encourage your friends or family members to start living a healthy lifestyle. Begin by giving them gifts such as yoga equipment which would definitely make them want to start practicing yoga. Not only are you helping in improving their lifestyle, yoga also benefits the mind. If you don’t know where to start, check out the list below of the most wanted and most bought yoga equipment. This list would also help you select things to buy for those friends of yours who are already into the yoga craze. Hopefully, it helps you make your decision once you start your Christmas shopping!

Top 10 yoga equipments Christmas gifts for 2008

1. Yogitoes Skidless Premium Mat-Size Yoga Towel – this specially made towel will prevent yoga practitioners from slipping while doing the yoga stances. There are also silicon nubs that would attach to the carpet so they don’t move around. The towel itself is very absorbent and also easy to clean. It’s a great gift for serious yoga practitioners.

2. 1/4″ Extra Thick Deluxe Yoga Mat – this will make your friend have a better time when doing yoga. The mats are extra thick, in fact, they’re said to be the thickest in the market. This makes it more comfortable for the user when doing yoga. It’s also made of high quality materials, assuring you that this gift will last a long, long time.

3. Valeo Yoga and Pilates Mat (Purple) – this multi-purpose mat can be used for yoga and Pilates sessions. It’s cushioned, and the surface is made to prevent slipping. It’s also very strong, but lightweight. Perfect for the casual yoga practitioner or goer.

4. ToeSox Yoga / Pilates Toe Socks, Organic Cotton – this simple yet very useful socks are great gifts for your friends who are into yoga or pilates. The sock’s construction allows for toe separation, giving them more flexibility and helps make their foot muscles become stronger. The soles of these socks are also made to prevent slipping. It’s also very nice to wear since it’s made of 90 percent organic cotton.

5. Woman’s Cotton Lycra Legging Tights – workouts and yoga sessions are much improved when wearing the right set of clothes. These leggings will make your friend more comfortable when doing yoga, since these are made from 90% Prima Cotton. At the same time, 10% Spandex composition allows for more flexibility and stretching.

6. Gaiam Yoga Mat (Koi Fish) – this eco-friendly mat is durable and stylish at the same time.

7. Valeo Yoga Kit – this mat is not only portable and light, it’s also very durable and it’s sticky to avoid slipping during yoga sessions. The kit also comes with foam blocks, a nylon tote bag, and a yoga instruction chart.

8. Manduka BlackMatPRO 71-Inch Yoga and Pilates Mat – this mat is said to be the most durable in the market. It also boasts of an anti-slip surface, but isn’t sticky like other mats. The materials used for this mat are also eco-friendly.

9. Hugger Mugger Cork Yoga Block – this light and strong yoga block is made of eco-friendly materials. It’s a great gift for your friends because it will make their yoga positions more secure and comfortable.

10. Beyond Yoga Supplex Original Pant – this stylish and comfortable pant adds the extra feature of not changing color due to sweat. It also molds with all body types and works to flatter the figure. Perfect for your lady friends who are conscious of their bodies and what they wear during yoga sessions.

Go ahead and use our list for the easiest and convenient holiday shopping.

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