Yoga, the ancient Eastern World practice of physical and mental discipline has found a home here in America. Traditional yoga here in America has been used as a relaxation technique by anyone wishing to become one with themselves and one with their world.

Yoga is the joining of your energies to achieve balance and control within yourself. The goal of yoga therefore, is being in a controlled state of relaxation and peace. Modern day “yoga” has been metamorphosed into a stress reduction tool for everyone looking for a way to stay fit and reduce their daily stress level.

The practice of Pilates trains the mind to control the body. Developed in Germany by Joseph Pilates, during the First World War as a rehabilitation program, Pilates utilized both aerobics (rhythmic movement) and a series of yoga postures to achieve a stable body and mind through exercise.

The goal of Pilates, like Yoga, develops a sense and awareness of ones breath through the utilization of deep breathing techniques. These techniques contribute to a relaxed state of both mind and body. This Pilates type of physical fitness helps to strengthen your core muscles as well as help tone your body and improve your overall balance. When you strengthen your core, torso muscles you allow proper alignment of your spine which in turn reduces back pain. The Pilates Principles are defined as “. . . to condition the entire body: proper alignment, centering, concentration, control, precision, breathing, and flowing movement.”

A perfect exercise program for everyone should begin with strengthening your core and improving your balance. When you strengthen your spine, you not only help reduce your risk of injury during exercise but, you may also help to minimize acute back pain. Beginning and ending with controlled breathing puts your mind and body in an environment which is conducive to pain free stretching of your muscles and ultimate relaxation of the body. Yoga is a method which helps you learn the proper way to stretch out your muscles.

Stretching out your muscles leaves your body feeling relaxed and your mind free of stress. Combine your Yoga, Pilates and stretching exercises with an accessory such as a core, stability ball, medicine ball, balance board, resistance cords, yoga bricks (blocks) or yoga bench for the ultimate workout. When you activate your core muscles you gain added benefits like weight training will help increase your bone density while building muscle will helps burn calories and lose fat.

The truth is that if you eat right and exercise you will be a healthier person. Taking care of your body through a regular fitness routine may therefore help reduce your medical costs. Some insurance companies actually offer a lower premium as an incentive to take care of your self! The practice of Yoga has also been linked with Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). CAM is gaining popularity for people seeking an alternative method for many medical conditions such as lowering their blood pressure, cholesterol levels and generalized stress to name a few.

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