You Don’t Need To Be A Young Expert To Date

You would be forgiven for thinking that dating is a game for the young, inexperienced and never-married. However, research by Pew is showing that 40% of new marriages involve remarriage, meaning at least one partner has tied the knot previously. A rise on just 23% in 2013, this clearly shows that people of all ages are able to find love again.

For someone recovering from a previous relationship or marriage, or just someone who never managed to find love up until now, there is no need to be scared of dating. Make yourself feel confident and beautiful, and look to get out there. You’ll soon find opportunities are there for you to take.

Placing the foundations

The most important thing to do before you date is to develop a sense of self. It’s far too common to see men and women trying to be something they’re not, in an attempt to attract what they see as the ideal. This is a marked phenomenon and especially for those with low confidence, whether that be a factor in your life or a result of managing post divorce emotions. Both divorces and breakups can leave you feeling negatively about yourself. Embarking on a journey of self-discovery, to find out who you are and what makes you tick, is important to be happy, and will massively benefit your dating prospects. Aim for the 70:30 rule; a study by personal ad guru Richard Wiseman found that ads that are 70% about the writer creates the gold-standard balance for showing yourself off and finding someone suitable.

Don’t take yourself too seriously

If you’ve spent a life without any long term relationships, or have left a long term relationship, you will be likely looking for someone to share your emotions with and find some support. While this can come in time, it’s important to let your dates flow and be an opportunity to enjoy yourself. Your prospective partner may well be going through similar emotions; let your hair down and enjoy the ride. This is important for building your resilience too – not every date will work, so approaching it with a light heart will at least let you have fun.

Finding your success

Age and experience are no barrier to finding love and there are so many examples of this across the USA. According to age advocates the AARP, 45% of seniors are divorced; yet US News cites there are regular over-50 and senior marriages, including one example of a 57 and 73 year old coupling. The key is to use your life experience to help you develop as a person and then to let your fun side come out. Be honest, be upfront with your personality, and try to be good company. You’ll soon find that age and your history matter little.

Dating isn’t just for the young and carefree. Whatever your age and whatever your relationship history, there are opportunities for you. Smile, have fun, and dive into the dating scene.

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