Miu Miu is the nick name of the Prada’s third hostess, Muccia Prada. It is the secondary line of the famous Italian brand Prada. In generally, most of the fashion fans know that Prada is the business which set up by the Mario Prada Family, and it is famous for the handbags. But not everybody knows about the Miu Miu’s story. Miu Miu is one of the most famous Italian brands in 90s, and it is also one of the most representative Italian brands. Why people say that? I think because of its basic elements are youthful and fashionable. And these two elements attract many fashion fans. We can say that, in many ways this brand’ state has became higher than the main line, Prada. The style of Miu Miu bags is brisk and simple; her bags especially the handbags are made with some light fabric, just like cotton yarn and silk. What’s more, her natural design and her flowing lines do not have the unnecessary decoration, which also bring some clear feelings just like main line Prada brand to people. In addition, her main style is youthful and we can see this feature in Miu Miu handbags’ colors. They are usually matched with some earthy tone but not the black like the main line Prada brand. We also can see many pretty patterns on Miu Miu handbags, this design brings the young ladies more opportunities to wear and match their clothes and decorations. In addition, its smooth and the beautiful feature made the ladies confident and elegant. That’s why the comment on this brand is “Italian-style youth”. But the Italian-style which bring the people prosperous and serious feelings and not everybody like it, but the coming of the Miu Miu bring the smooth and beautiful elements to the fashion world. In addition, their lovely features, which also bring many colorful and wonderful characters to the Italian-style.

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