After you have found a legitimate home business that you are comfortable with, many people assume that they will make the same sort of income that other members are. When a new member partners with a YourNetBiz mentor, this on its own is not enough to ensure that they will generate the same sort of income as that mentor.

YourNetBiz is an incredible work from home business opportunity. The potential earnings are there to be taken so long as the work is put in, as well as the freedom that you create along the way. These are just two very good reasons why so many people are deciding on YourNetBiz as their home business of choice.

When it comes to choosing a mentor to join with, you should follow your instinct. Any Your Net Biz mentor will tell you to join my internet business because they can offer the support and knowledge that you need. Well, because they have been trained using the YourNetBiz system, that is actually true.

Choose a mentor that you have made a connection with. It might be because you share something in common with them or you like the way they present themselves to you. Always sign up to a mentor’s training newsletter or bootcamp and get to know the style in which they give out information and teach.

Also check out that your future mentor leads a successful team and has been trained by a top earner themselves. You will speed up your path to success by joining with someone who is already successful.

There are four levels of entry into the YourNetBiz system. Investing in yourself is the best thing you can ever invest in. It makes sense to join Your Net Biz at the top Platinum level. Your profits will be the highest possible, your will have the largest number of products available and a more advanced training package to ensure maximum success.

Platinum level entry also gives access to the MyInternetBusiness LLC discount luxury travel club, Primo Vacations. This discount travel club is a business opportunity on its own and is included with the YourNetBiz Platinum package, giving an additional product to market as part of your multiple streams of income.

So as you can see, the odds are really stacked in your favour to make money online with YourNetBiz. The only way you could probably fail to make money is by doing nothing with all the tools at your disposal. So yes, anyone can make money with this business opportunity so long as they put in some work at first to get their business started.

Top income earner and YourNetBiz mentor, Ed Hodgson, works with a few select people each week to get them started with the YourNetBi
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