Zone diet is a wonderful way to wellness. It is not only a diet but helps lead you to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It was created by Dr. Barry Sears, a former research scientist at the Boston University School of Medicine and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. People on Zone diet create their meals based on Zone diet blocks. The blocks help you know how much of each macro nutrient to eat. You need to know, before hand, your daily protein intake as well.
Those on Zone diet should aim for the 40:30:30 ratio. This means that your meals should contain 40% carbohydrates, 30% fat, and 30% protein. Ensure your carbohydrates are low-starch fruits and vegetables; your proteins are low-fat; and add a dash of heart friendly monounsaturated fat. This ratio is an excellent way to get your metabolism tuned up to burn your fat. The Right Proportion and the Right Portion is the key to the success of this excellent diet.
The amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fat in each diet block has been standardized. The number of diet blocks you should consume each day depends on your weight, height, and waist and hip circumferences.
On an average:
·   A man must intake 14 Zone food blocks per day
·   A woman must intake 11 Zone food blocks per day
But the actual numbers of blocks you need to consume depend on how big or small you are.
The Zone block method is a precise method of selecting the Right Portion. Each Zone block consists of 3 mini blocks of carbohydrates, protein, and fat each. Each mini block has a precise weight though they do not weigh the same. Each mini block of:
·   Protein = 7 grams
·   Carbohydrates = 9 grams
·   Fat = 1.5 grams
Together they form a Zone block in the required 40:30:30 ratio.
The Zone Diet
While on this diet you require to eat 5 times each day – 3 Zone meals and 2 Zone snacks. The two will be a mid afternoon snack and a pre-bedtime snack. You are required to eat every 5 hours to maintain appropriate Insulin levels.
The following will give you an idea what Zone diet blocks look like:
– One mini block of protein consists of one ounce of skinless chicken breast.
– One mini block of carbohydrates consists of 3 apricots.
– One mini block of fat consists of 3 olives.
If you are required to have 4 Zone food blocks for a particular meal, it would consist of 4 ounces of skinless chicken breast; 12 apricots; and 12 olives.
Ensure that the protein you select is low fat. Proteins such as pork and duck are considered unfavorable as they contain fat. Similarly, bread and pasta are not considered favorable carbohydrates. Saturated and poly-saturated fats, such as butter, cream, lard and vegetable shortenings are also considered unfavorable.
Vegetarians can substitute proteins in the diet with vegetable proteins. Soy and Soy products are an excellent substitute in your Zone diet.

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