10 Tips for Choosing a Gift Basket

We’ve all been in that situation. You have a special occasion coming up – like a coworker’s birthday or a friend’s housewarming party – and have no idea what to get them. Maybe they’re the kind of person who seems to already have everything, or maybe you’re searching for a sentiment that will convey your feelings with a personal, unique touch.

This is where gift baskets come in. As we dive into the holiday giving season, these versatile gifts take the guesswork out of finding the perfect present. Your loved one will feel like they’re diving into a treasure chest as they unwrap each surprise that’s inside. Whether it’s to send seasonal greetings or birthday luck, there are gift baskets customized to specific themes, color schemes, hobbies, interests, and tastes.

With the sheer amount of options out there, choosing the right one can be overwhelming. The experts at Wine Country Gift Baskets have shared their best tips on how to choose a gift basket that’s tailored perfectly to your recipient. They’ll cover how to choose a theme, staying within budget, things to look for and other helpful advice.

1. Think of Their Interests

Does your recipient have any special interests, hobbies, or obsessions? What’s great about gift baskets is that they can easily be customized to fit your loved one’s personality. Have a friend that is always reminiscing about their honeymoon in Napa? They’ll love receiving a gourmet wine and cheese basket complete with cookies, biscuits, and chocolate.

2. Choose a Theme

Narrow your search down to shop for specific holiday season, especially if you are attending a work party or a New Year’s Eve surprise. There are several gift basket options that are customized for Christmas, Easter, housewarmings, girls night outs and more. This is particularly helpful if you don’t know your recipient well, want to stay seasonal, or want to find something that appeals to a group.

3. Remember Their Furry Friends

Not all gift baskets are for humans! Is your colleague the ultimate dog parent? Surprise them with a pet gift basket stocked with Frisbees, plush animals, delicious peanut butter treats, and other goodies that any Very Good Boy will love. Your recipient will be touched that you thought of their pet, and think of you every time Fido brings over their toy bone.

4. Set a Budget

Gift baskets are available in a vast range of prices. Determine the maximum you can spend, then adjust your search parameters accordingly. Luckily, you don’t need to spend a fortune to choose a thoughtful present. Do you know someone who is a major foodie? From junk food packages to summer celebration towers, there are plenty of gift baskets under $30 that will satisfy their cravings.

5. Think of the Group

Is your gift basket intended to be shared by a group, such as a workplace? Look for one with items that are easy to eat or drink during lunch or coffee breaks. Brighten up your coworkers’ or clients’ days with a gift basket filled with cookies, brownies, coffee, hot cocoa, peanut brittle, and more.

6. Consider the Occasion

Choose a gift basket that’s appropriate for the event or occasion. For example, a champagne gift basket is perfectly suitable for weddings and birthday parties, but not as a sympathy gift or for a baby shower. Luckily, you can narrow down your search options easily to browse occasion-specific gift baskets.

7. Check for Delivery Instructions

Will you be sending your gift basket to a location that isn’t a residence or business? Call ahead of time to find out if there are any special delivery requirements. Remember that some corporations have a gift policy and might not be able to accept your package.

8. Ask About Dietary Restrictions

Take any allergy or dietary restrictions into consideration when sending a gift basket that contains food items. This is particularly important for those with nut allergies, since many sweets baskets can contain peanuts, almonds, and similar items. If you’re unsure but want to keep your gift a surprise, inquire with another friend who might know.

9. Give the Gift of Bubbles

Wine, craft beer, and champagne are very popular gifts to include in baskets, especially around the holidays. They are often suitable as a hostess gift for a holiday party, a congratulation to newlyweds, and a birthday gift for a parent. Cheers!

10. Add a Personal Touch

When you order your gift basket, request it be sent to your address first. When it arrives, add a few small touches to make it a little more personal. From a special book to a fun necklace, there are several different ways to tailor your gift basket to your recipient.

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