Trying to pick out a great gift for a mom or mom-to-be is hard word. There’s tons they need. Here are a few ideas for gifts that every new parent needs.

  1. A Stroller Bike

Bike with a stroller built into it tends to be more steady and comfortable than a regular bike with a child’s seat on the back. The 3 bike wheels add additional stability and since baby sits up front, mom and dad can keep an eye on them.

  1. A Glowlight

For those times when baby falls asleep in mom’s arms and she doesn’t want to disturb them, a glowlight will come in handy for ready books. A smartphone’s light tends to be too strong and can wake the baby.

  1. Food Dispensing Spoon

All mom has to do is load the spoon with baby good and give it a squeeze into baby’s mouth. Easy as that!

  1. Easy Kneeler for Bath Time

Mom and dad will be sure to thank you each time they bath the baby. A kneeler caddy offers cushioning and comfort, making bath time much easier.

  1. A Woombie

A woombie is a baby wrap that offers loads of comfort to the new born and is designed to keep them feeling just as snug as when they were in the womb. This is a gift that is sure to be used every day, and makes a wonderful addition to quality baby hampers in Melbourne.

  1. A Pacifier Thermometer

When mom and dad need to take baby’s temperature, the easiest way is to pop a pacifier into baby’s mouth. This is a clean and trouble-free way for all involved!

  1. A Baby Food Maker

Mom won’t have to commit to buying tons of already made baby food in store jars when she can make fresh squashed food right at home. It’s a great way to ensure baby gets nutritious meals every time.

  1. A Molar Muncher

Baby teething rings are just old-fashioned. And products like a Molar Muncher are simply superior. It ensures that it gets to all of baby’s teeth and is rather soothing to chew on. It also has the shape of a pacifier just with two prongs for either side of the mouth.

  1. Pee Pee Teepees

These specially designed covers will make sure mom and dad aren’t caught in the line of fire when changing diapers. They are reusable and washable, so they’re easy to stack and handy when needed.

  1. A Baby Journal

This is a keepsake the entire family will treasure, as mom records all the milestones of the baby.

  1. A Soothe Shirt

Stay away from those ghastly baby wraps, and opt for a soothe shirt that lets mom retain her unique sense of style while keeping baby snug and close. The shirt is designed to be ultra-comfortable for both baby and mom, so they will both love wearing it.

These are just 11 gift ideas you can give to an expecting mom.



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