Are your essays not the best in your class and you fail to deliver on time? There are a lot of students that share these same problems. This is not only a problem that students encounter with, many professional writers look to improve their style. In order to help you with your writing issues, we have created a short list with 15 simple pieces of advice.

15 tricks for best results in writing

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Always check your grammar

There are also online tools and services that could do proofreading and editing for you. For example, you could ask the good people at or some other service to check your work for you.

Determine your writing process

Don’t write without a plan. Think about your writing process and work according to it. As a consequence, your essay could look sloppy.

Deep research

Always look for further information. This is very important, especially if you need to prepare a research paper on a certain topic.

Use synonyms

Don’t overuse one single word. There is a number of online tools and dictionaries that could help you with finding synonyms.

Use short sentences

Don’t write your sentences too long. It will make your work hard to read and understand. Plus you might get lost and stray from the point. If you can’t make your sentences shorter ask to rewrite your work.

Search for inspiration

No one can relate to every topic there is. Sometimes we get a writer’s block. Get online or go for a walk and search for inspiration for your work.

Write for fun

Practice your skills while writing just for fun. Write about something you like or someone you like.

Ask for opinion

Let someone read your work. Listen to what people have to say about your writing and take that criticism into consideration.

Watch your words

Don’t write for the sake of word count. Read your text and throw out what’s not important.

Use adjectives

But be careful not to overuse them. Adjectives help the reader create a better picture and connect with the story.

Learn from others

Talk to other people about writing. Their experience can help you in so many ways

Read your work

When finished read to yourself and see what you can improve.


Your mind needs to rest. Don’t write if you are tired or sleepy.

Create a suitable environment

It’s best to work in a space that you are comfortable. Lights, sound, and temperature can help you relax and focus.

Read a lot

It’s good to read other writers. It will help you get some points, learn new words and maybe adopt a style that suits you.

Writing is a skill, and like any other skill, it takes time and effort to master. Train yourself in the art of writing. Don’t lose your motivation and remember that there’s always something you could improve. We hope that this article will help you with your writing, share with us if you have any tips of your own.

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