Winter weather does no favors for the dry skinned among us.

I mean, under the best of circumstances I still have all the tell-tales of someone whose skin suffers from a lack of hydration.

But in winter?

Cold weather, dry air, and less sunlight than usual is way more than I need to end up looking like someone out of the Walking Dead (and I don’t mean the unnaturally hot Z-Day survivors).

Applying foundation to dry skin in the winter can either serve to revive your complexion and give you a suitably convincing fake glow… or it can end up accentuating the imperfections that the curse of dry skin brings. Boooo.

Thankfully, it’s extremely easy to beat these wintery blues.

All it takes is a minimal amount of prep and a couple of handy tricks to keep skin looking hydrated, glowy, and smooth.

If these 3 tricks can work for me, they’ll work for anybody.

Check it out:

1. Exfoliate

Sounds basic…. Because it is.

Exfoliating is absolutely essential when it comes to prepping dry skin for foundation, particularly when the harsh winter elements are reeking havoc on the texture of your skin.

There’s nothing I hate more than putting on foundation in the hopes of covering up the nasties only to find they look even worse than when I started! This goes for those annoying flakey patches, the inexplicably oily areas, and (*shudder*) the dreaded appearance of the upper lip hairs (although thanks to my recent lasering endeavors, that struggle is finally over. More on that at

By gently exfoliating on a regular basis, you’ll work to maintain a consistent complexion, which means foundation will look smooth when applied instead of ending up clumpy and cracked.

Top tip:

If you’re suffering from a couple of extremely dry patches of skin, don’t be tempted to exfoliate these too hard; it will only serve to damage and irritate your skin further.

Instead, gently exfoliate it as you would with the rest of your face, then lightly dab on an extra hydrating greaseless moisturizer that’s rich in lipids- it’ll heal in no time.

2. Use primer strategically

I’m a makeup bag minimalist, so from the get go I’ve always been a little cynical when it comes to primer.

The right moisturizer and a good quality foundation will suffice… right?


Ever since I began experimenting with bareMinerals Prime Time, my foundation game has changed drastically.

Apply a primer after your normal cleansing routine and before a single smidge of foundation touches your skin, and you’ll be giving yourself a huge advantage when it comes to achieving an even foundation finish.

Primer works to even out your complexion by minimizing the appearance of blemishes (something that us dry-skinned folk are plagued with in the winter months), which means by the time you go to apply your foundation, you’ll already have a silky smooth base. Win!

Expert tip:

For extra silkiness, mix a dab of primer with your foundation to lighten the formula and encourage it to spread more evenly. The result will be a dewy complexion that glows all day, even when the weather is dull.

3. Find a light oil that works for you

This is my favorite trick of all.


Because a lightweight oil is the best natural (and affordable) alternative to the expensive moisturizers that people often shop for when it comes to protecting their dry skin in the winter.

I use organic argan oil, since it’s lightweight and easily absorbs into the skin, leaving a dewy complexion that subtly shows through my foundation.

Use it as a moisturizer after you shower (you can even apply when your skin is still slightly damp to allow it to draw in even more hydration) or mix a couple of drops in with your foundation and apply as normal.

That’s not even the best part:

A lightweight oil (argan or otherwise) is so much more than a great moisturizer for your face; it’s also the best substitute for body lotion, cuticle cream, and hair serum.

3 Winter Foundation Tricks you Need to Know if Your Skin is Too Dry

The Bottom Line

Fighting the winter blues is an uphill battle, especially when it comes to your makeup routine- but as long as you prep properly, moisturize thoroughly, and apply evenly, you’ll fake a convincing glow all the way to Spring!


Author Bio:

Alyssa Kaye is a professional beauty blogger and self-proclaimed hair removal expert. She explores the web every day to dig out new awesome beauty tips and hacks. For more of her stories, come take a look at!

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