Calluses occur in the feet as a result of friction and pressure of the daily movement of the feet and also from long exposure of the feet to footwear.

Calluses are dead and dry skin that accumulate at the feet. Electric Foot Callus Removers are devices that are used to remove calluses from the feet in order for the skin to have a fresh, soft and smooth texture.

Electric foot callus removers help a person maintain a healthy and beautiful feet. One of the main benefits of this device is that it enables a person to remove feet calluses at his or her own convenience without having to take time off to go to a spa.

There are several electric foot callus removers manufactured by various brands. There is no doubt that some are better than others. This is a review of the five best electric foot callus removers as at 2017:

1. Naturalico Electric Foot Callus Remover and Shaver:
This is an amazing electric foot callus remover and feet shaver. The first noticeable thing about this device is how attractive it is. This is a device that combines efficiency with design. The device has a brush, rotating head, protective cap and charging cable. This device is very fast and can rotate up to forty times a second.

The electric callus remover comes with a 1200 mAH in-built battery which enables it to work even when it is not connected to a power source. In order to make this device more efficient, clean regularly with the brush that comes with the kit so that it would not be clogged.

Clogging not only reduces the efficiency of the product but also shorten its lifespan. The device has a red LED light that comes on whenever you put on the device.

2. DPOWER Electric Callus Remover:
This is another efficient electric callus remover that comes with a rotating shaving head and special particles for easy scraping of calluses. The device comes with an electric cable but can also be used with 4 AA batteries.

The product comes with a 360 degrees rotating head. The device kit comes with two extra brushes for removing clogs. The device is portable making easy to fit in a travel bag. The device is easy to hold and easy to use.

3. Amopé Pedi Perfect:
This is an efficient waterproof electric callus remover. It can be easily used in the shower for more convenience. The device comes with a roller head that can spin in 360 degrees for better results. The device has an electric cable for direct connection to a power source.

It can also be powered by 4 AA batteries. The device comes with a portable handle which makes it very easy to hold and easy to use. The product has a portable design hence it is the callus remover of choice for travellers.

4. Micro-Pedi from Emjoi:
This is another portable electric callus remover that can be easily packed into a bag. It is also very easy to handle and use. The device comes with an electric cable and can also be powered by 2 AA batteries. The device is equipped with a powerful and swift rolling head that is capable of spinning 47 times per second.

This makes the device swift in operation and allows it to remove all calluses without need for repeated shaving. In order to increase its efficiency, the shaving head comes with micro mineral particles which leaves the feet smooth after removing calluses. It is an electric callus remover that is straightforward and easy to use.

5. Pedd Egg Power Callus Remover:
Pedd Egg is among the most renowned manufacturers of electric callus removers. The device is an efficient product that is guaranteed to give you the soft textured and smooth feet that you desire. The device comes with two rotating heads that operates simultaneously.

The main shaving head removes calluses and dry skin from the feet while the subordinate shaving head provides the desired finishing. The device comes with an electric cable for direct connection to a power. It can also be powered by 2 AA batteries.

One of the obvious benefits of the device is its design. It has a compact design that makes it easily fit into the pocket. This enables you to use it anytime and anywhere.


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