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Childrens’ parties can be quite stressful to plan, what with the food, decorations, and entertainment to consider, but having a theme makes the task considerably easier. When you start with a theme, you can easily decide what decorations to have and what food to serve that would be in keeping with the theme. With that in mind, here are some fun party themes to consider for the celebration you have:

Social Media

Kids today are very tech savvy and updated on pop culture and events. Celebrate your child’s transition from a middle school to a high school with a social media-themed graduation party, complete with a photo booth rental from the Photo Factory to capture all your memories for posting later.

This is the perfect theme for a middle school graduation party, as most kids graduate from middle school between the ages of 13 and 14, which is when most social media networks will allow you to sign up and create your own account. Decorate your home with the various social media network icons, like Twitter’s bright blue bird and Facebook’s famous lower-case white F inside a blue box. You can also decorate cupcakes with these icons, and set out fun props to use at the photo booth.


Superheroes are all the rage these days what with the sheer number of superhero movies being released each year. Whether your child is a Marvel or DC fan, chances are he or she has a favorite superhero. Throw a superhero themed party and ask everyone to come dressed as their favorite superhero.

This theme is best for younger children who still love to play dress up and who love to imagine that they have extraordinary powers which they can use to save the world. For entertainment, set up a home theater in your living room or rec room and show your child’s favorite superhero movie. You can serve popcorn, as well other traditional theater snacks.


Kids today have probably never even heard of cassette tapes, VCRs, family computers, floppy disks, and the like. For kids who are fascinated with history or discovering old inventions from the past, it might be fun to throw a vintage themed party where you introduce them to all the wonders of the 80’s and 90’s. Find as much paraphernalia as you can from those eras, and display them around your home. Play music from that generation, and consider renting an old-fashioned arcade game for entertainment.


For older kids who might find superheroes and similar themes too childish, throw a sports themed party centered around their favorite sport. You can easily find sports decorations at party supply stores, or simply decorate your home in the colors of your child’s favorite sports team. You can request guests to wear their favorite team jerseys as part of the dress code, and instead of the usual parlor games, you could divide the party into two teams and play a game of baseball or basketball. Be warned, things could get very competitive and exciting pretty quickly.


If your child loves music, throw a party with a theme based on their favorite band or musical act. Let them dress up like their favorite musical icon, and rent a karaoke machine and let everyone take turns at the mic.

These are just a few ideas to get the ball rolling. Talk to your child and ask for their input; perhaps they can suggest a theme that perfectly matches their interests and suits their preferences, and they might be able to give you some good ideas about how to decorate, what food to serve, and what to do for entertainment.

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