5 Incredibly Practical Tips to Become Way Better at Gift-Giving

Studies show that people find more satisfaction in spending money on gifts for others, than they do spending money for themselves. Which is great, because there are no shortages of gift giving opportunities throughout the year. But knowing what to get a loved one can be difficult outside of the most generic options can be stressful, turning gift shopping into something stressful and anxiety-inducing.

But gift shopping doesn’t have to be difficult — in fact, with the right strategy, you can nail the perfect, thoughtful gift time and time again.

Here are a few tips to help you become a good gift giver, so you can watch your loved ones’ faces glow when they open up a gift from you.

1.       Give them what they want

This one is a no brainer. If your loved one has told you what they want, it’s easier to do just that, instead of going rogue. While some people appreciate surprises, if you give people what they ask for, they will feel like you are listening them.

2.       Listen and pay attention for clues

Speaking of listening, a lot of the time, people don’t tell you exactly what they want. In those cases, it’s best to pick up clues from your day to day conversation. If your friend mentions liking Beyoncé , you could buy her a CD. If your friend mentions having a dog, you could get a fun toy for the dog. If you take the time to listen to your loved ones, you can find endless clues in your interactions.

3.       Personalized and unique gifts

Part of what people love about gifts is the meaning behind them. The appeal isn’t always receiving exactly what they wanted, but rather, feeling a connection with the gift giver. A perfect gift to show your love for someone is a unique personalized gift. These can be things like custom mugs, wine boxes, or jewelry with names or messages etched or printed on them.

4.       Giving the gift of experiences.

Tangible items and presents are always nice, but a fantastic gift for a person is giving the gift of an experience. Experiences can help gift receivers feel closer to the gift giver and help them create an even deeper bond than before. Things like movie tickets or taking someone out to dinner as a gift can be very meaningful, because they are memories that can be revisited over and over again.

5.     Don’t forget your clients and employees

Thoughtful gift giving doesn’t have to stop just with friends and loved ones. Many businesses give out corporate gifts. Corporate gifts are given to clients or people who work with your company, as a show of appreciation to what they contribute to your business. Some people assume corporate gifts are boring, but they don’t have to be. Corporate gifts can be fun and personal too. If your business or brand stands for quality, making sure you give quality gifts is the key to showing your appreciation.


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