Planning a trip with your gals soon? Or is it just a family holiday? In any case, you need to understand the difference in planning as compared to a solo trip.

5 Planning Trips To Make Your Group Travel Experience Perfect 3

Solo trips are amazing, right? Although you might have been a backpacker traveller all your life, there come many occasions when you have to travel with others as well. Be it stressbuster hen weekends or family holidays; the planning tips mentioned below will help you be on track, and ensure a pleasant experience:

Efficient planning is the most critical step. It will be responsible for the entire experience of your vacation. Read on to get a better idea about the planning process:

5 Planning Trips To Make Your Group Travel Experience Perfect 3

1. Overall budget

When you are travelling alone, you don’t have to worry much about the budget for the trip because you will be spending on yourself, and you can stop whenever you want. While this is not the case when you are travelling in a group. You have to discuss the budget with your gals before planning the trip to make sure it does not get unpleasant for anyone else. You might be okay with spending a few bucks more on the food, but it might not be fine with one of your babes. The overall budget differs significantly!

2. The right dates

This is the most critical consideration in group travels. When you are going on a solo trip, you only check for your availability, right? Consider the same for others as well. When you are planning group vacations, you need to coordinate with everyone regarding their availability, and then accordingly, finalise dates which suit everyone. You cannot have it just as per your comfort; keep this in mind at all times.

3. Attractions and activities that suit everyone

Similarly, you cannot go for a particular attraction or refuse for another all by yourself. Your itinerary needs to include all the attractions and activities that everyone wants to go for. Try to incorporate experiences that all of you can go together; else it will just defy the entire purpose of the group trip.

5 Planning Trips To Make Your Group Travel Experience Perfect 3

4. Comprehensive itinerary for all

Creating an itinerary is the most significant step that one takes while planning a trip. Your itinerary needs to include the right destinations, dates, drinks & food options, attractions and activities of the complete tour. You need to make sure everything is planned to the minutest detail because as comprehensive as your itinerary is, as perfect your trip will be. This does not mean that everyone needs to go for the same activity; you can plan nearby activities so that everyone can do what they want at the destination. One or two of such choices in your itinerary will help to keep everyone happy. You need to ask yourself the following questions to avoid errors:

  1. Are the hen do destinations finalised?
  2. What are the preferred dates?
  3. What are the cuisine preferences?
  4. How many days will the trip last?
  5. What are the major attractions and activities that can be experienced?

And many more questions like this.

5. Travel and accommodation

Planning a group vacation is a tedious task. You have to take care of things like researching the destinations, booking the flight tickets, looking for accommodation options that fit your budget and whatnot. It is more challenging than it seems. The stress, workload and considerations increase significantly when you are booking for five-ten people as compared with booking for just yourself.

The Upside Of Travelling With Your Babes

5 Planning Trips To Make Your Group Travel Experience Perfect 3

Apart from the planning process, nothing else is terrible when you are travelling with your loved ones; the following are some benefits that come along with it:

  1. Better overall experience
  2. Financially beneficial for everyone
  3. More options for activities, food and drinks
  4. No chance of getting bored
  5. A much safer option

Plan a perfect trip! Avoid errors! Have fun!

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