5 Tips for Photo-Ready Pre-Wedding BOTOX®

Everyone wants to look their absolute best for special occasions—especially weddings! Unfortunately, squinting, frowning, chewing, and all of the other small facial movements we make every day contribute to the formation of wrinkles on our faces. It isn’t possible to stop making facial expressions, however aesthetic treatments can help you to feel more confident about your appearance by reducing unwanted lines prior to a big social event. The most popular treatment for this is BOTOX®, as the Philadelphia area’s Cirillo Institute team explains.

The smoother look that BOTOX® provides may be just what you need after months of stress leading up to the big day. Injections can also enhance the appearance of your eyes and smile. If you’re considering BOTOX® as part of your bridal beauty preparation, whether on its own or in combination with other cosmetic techniques, there are some important dos and don’ts to be aware of.

1.    Choose a Qualified Injector

Your aim is to get natural-looking, artistic results. Administering BOTOX® requires knowledge of the complex muscles and bone structure underlying facial skin. When choosing BOTOX®, it is imperative to first choose the right injector. Although many providers offer this injectable, your injector should ideally be a dermatologist, plastic surgeon, oculoplastic surgeon, physician’s assistant, nurse practitioner, or nurse who is specifically trained in and highly experienced with BOTOX®. You can check with your state board and local authorities to determine who is qualified. Research local practitioners and ask around, as word of mouth through friends or acquaintances can be the best way to get leads. Choose centers that specialize in BOTOX® and similar treatments to ensure injectors are experienced with this specific treatment.

2.    Plan Ahead

BOTOX® is generally a safe and well-tolerated procedure with minimal to no downtime required. The muscle-relaxing effects normally appear within three to five days after treatment. The most common side effect is temporary bruising at the injection sites. If bruising occurs, it will likely disappear within five to seven days. Be sure to schedule a trial treatment session four to six months before your wedding if this is your first time trying BOTOX®. If you like the effects, you can be treated two weeks before your wedding.

3.    Stay Away from Bargains, Caveat Emptor

BOTOX® prices vary from state to state and provider to provider, but unrealistically cheap prices aren’t generally a good thing when it comes to the treatment. Chances are if the price is much lower than typical for the industry, there may be reason to be suspicious. The product may be overly diluted or illegally purchased from other countries or unauthorized suppliers. Manufacturers’ websites may provide information on official BOTOX® vendors who have legally acquired their products.

4.    Follow Aftercare Advice

BOTOX® doesn’t require much downtime. After you’ve had BOTOX®, you’ll most likely need to refrain from certain activities for the day to ensure the best possible outcome. Most physicians advise that you don’t exercise for 24 hours after treatment and you don’t put pressure on your face for several hours after treatment. This minimizes the potential risk of “moving” the BOTOX® to unwanted areas.

5.    Develop a Personalized Plan

Each person’s face shape and goals for BOTOX® are different. Your age, lifestyle, and the severity of your wrinkles will be addressed. Experienced injectors generally take a conservative approach, adjusting the dosage for each individual patient. To achieve ideal results, you’ll need to work with your provider to make a plan that is customized for your unique needs. This may require attending multiple sessions over the span of several months. In some cases, physicians may recommend pairing BOTOX® with other treatments.

Look younger and more refreshed with BOTOX® from The Cirillo Institute, serving Bryn Mawr, Newtown Square, and the entire Philadelphia area. To contact Cirillo Cosmetic Dermatology Spa, send a message online or call 610-525-0500.

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