Winter is fast approaching and we don’t know about you, but we cannot stand the cold, and if we have to brave it, we’d rather do it in style. Fashion this year has taken us back to the 1980’s with women’s styles and has also given us a glimpse into future fashion with futuristic metallics. Now, we know fashion and trends have the habit to constantly change and catch on very quick…just like ankle boots, or boot cut jeans which clawed their way back into fashion after being hidden away for too long.

This article is focused on providing you with a few little fashion tips to survive this winter in style, don’t worry, we don’t expect you to be walking down a runway with a sheet of cloth that can be worn as a ‘jumper’.

Skinny Jeans – The go to jean

5 Winter Fashion Must Haves

We know mom jeans made their comeback this year, but skinny jeans are still in fashion, and we don’t think they’ll ever go out of style. Both men and women rock skinny jeans, and they are a perfect addition for winter as you can layer multiple items on top for warmth.

You can wear skinny jeans with flat shoes, trainers or even boots if you’re wanting to go for a smart – casual look. It’s safe to say tat skinny jeans are the go to trousers. When in doubt, go for these.

Turtleneck Tops – The one top for warmth

Turtlenecks are our saviour, honestly. If you want to stay cosy and warm this winter, investing in a turtleneck, or 10, is a great way to achieve ultimate warmth. They provide a simple, classic look paired with slim fitting jeans.

You no longer need to fear the turtleneck, the last couple of seasons many people have made the wise decision to use the turtleneck as a layer not only to keep warm, but to make you look fashionable.

Backpacks & Rucksacks – Keep your items rain free

5 Winter Fashion Must HavesThe two strap backpacks have made it back in fashion, and we couldn’t be happier – we think a lot of people would also agree! Remember when it was fashionable to only use 1 strap of your backpack in school? Well, we’re ecstatic that trend magically disappeared. This year we have seen many backpacks and rucksacks come out in style with bold and unique designs, especially when it comes to work bags and trends. It’s extremely common for the student to support these and the classic canvas rucksacks appear to be the most popular!

Ankle Boots 

Ankle boots for both men and women are stylish, durable and versatile. A pair of ankle boots never seem to get old, and you can easily pair them with some jeans and a dress with tights – we know winter is coming. There are many different types of ankle boots which is why they’ve made such an impact on all of us. What are you feeling for your outfit today – lace up ankle boots? Flat boots? Or do you want to go really bold and show off some ultimate cowboy ankle boots?

You can never have too many pairs of ankle boots, and they will definitely be able to keep your feet warm in the cold. We don’t recommend walking around with nike sandalds and socks.


Scarves are a pretty obvious winter essential, unless you constantly wear turtlenecks all the time, you’re upper body is going to be suffering from quite a bit of the cold. We know scarves are just pieces of fabric, but there are many different things you can do with one. If you felt like you didn’t want to use it as a scarf anymore, but an innovative head band? Sure, go for it – it’d more than likely work.

Scarves come in various designs and sizes, which is what makes them practical and fun to pair with outfits. Check out the Elle article on 15 scarves you can wear, ranging from fancy to casual ones!

We hope you’ve enjoyed listening to us ramble on for a whole article about winter essentials, we wouldn’t want you to be too cold to function though. If your wardrobe is in desperate need of winter clothes, we urge you to treat yourself and update your fashion wardrobe.

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