6 Amazing Ways to Deal with Facial Hair During Pregnancy

Most women face the problem of excess facial hair during pregnancy because of hormonal changes in the body. There are many ways to deal with facial hair during pregnancy.

Waxing is still the most traditional way to get rid of facial hair. But, you can also choose Revitol hair removal cream to get rid of hair in the safest way. Listed below are 6 amazing ways to deal with facial hair during pregnancy, read on.

1. Spring facial hair removal

Spring facial hair removal tool is the best choice for removing facial hair. It’s not only a cheap alternative but it is also gentle on your skin. Spring facial hair removal is safe to use and the pain is mild. You can use this tool for removing tiny facial hair from your upper lip and lower chin area. It’s like a tiny epilator for removing your facial hair.

2. Tweezers

Tweezing is completely safe and it can be used for facial hair removal during pregnancy. You can use tweezers for removing eyebrow hairs or upper lip hair. Always tweeze after a hot shower or after washing your face with hot water. This will ease the pain caused by tweezers.

3. Home electrolysis kit

You can opt for a home electrolysis kit as its safe to use during pregnancy. It is cost effective and perfect for small areas like the chin and upper lips. You can get rid of dark upper lip and chin hair with this method.

But it’s important that you feel comfortable while using the method. Your comfort plays the most important part in pregnancy.

4. Threading

Threading is still the most preferred and safe option for removing facial hair during pregnancy. Threading causes mild pain and has no side effects on the skin. You can use a thread for removing small facial hair on your upper lip area or on the sides of your face. There are organic threads available that are safe to use during pregnancy.

5. Waxing

Waxing or sugaring is the safest option available for removal of facial hair during pregnancy. Though waxing may cause slight pain, there is no side effect on your skin. If you have a sensitive skin, you can suffer from the problem of redness or slight burns.

You must apply a soothing lotion before and after the process of waxing your facial hair. However, most women are not comfortable with waxing and sugaring method, so this depends on individual comfort.

6. Shaving

You can use safe shavers to remove facial hair during pregnancy. A shaver also removes tiny hairs from your chin and face. It is not so painful and it’s safe to use it on your skin.

Shaving does not involve the use of any chemicals so most pregnant women opt for this method. You can also choose to shave depending on your hair growth.

Though there are many creams and gels that can help to remove facial hairs, it is not completely safe during pregnancy. Revitol hair removal cream is safe and great for hair removal.

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