6 Times You Should Definitely Wear Nail Art

Every year, we get so many new nail designs, nail shapes, and color trends. But one thing that stays in style and fashion all the time is nail art. No matter how many attempts are there to kill the nail art, it is safe to say that nail art is here to stay. It is also safe to say that you won’t stick to one nail color all the time.

In the past few years, nail art has become even more accessible to people from all parts of the world. With so many stickers, and other accessories, it is hard to find a woman that hasn’t tried nail art at least once in her life.

Now, while nail art is great, and you should definitely try it at least once, there are definitely times when it is acceptable, and when it is not. In some occasions, you just simply shouldn’t wear nail, no matter how awesome your nails look. To help you better understand the circumstances, we select six occasions in which your nail art will look even more stunning. But we also look at the times you should avoid it.

When it is appropriate to wear nail art

Going to a concert

When you go to see your favorite band live, it is a great idea to wear nail art. No matter where your band performs. Whether it is a garage gig, or a concert hall, music will bring out your creative side. Therefore, when you are in the mood for something creative, show your artistic genius side to everyone else. If you can alter the nail art to compliment your bend, even better.

School occasions

Anytime you can wear nail art in school, you should do it. No matter if you are going to your prom, or you are just cheering for the home team. In any case, your tips should be decorated accordingly. Simply put, nail art is absolutely great for all things school-related.

Sporting events

It is just absolutely a must to wear nail art when going to a sport event. Similar as with listening to your favorite band, if you can make your nails to complement your team, the better. No matter if it is basketball, football, baseball, or any other sport, nail art is great for rooting for your favorite team.


One can say that nail art was tailor made for holidays. There is nothing like zombie nails for Halloween, hearts for Valentine’s day, or some bunnies for Easter. The best part is nails are the cheapest way to “dress up for the occasion”.

When you buy new accessories

If you want to put the emphasis on your hands, there is no better way to do it than with some nail art. When you buy a new ring, there is no better way to show off. When you buy new bracelets, or some clutch handbags, the same applies. After all, you know you will be sporting your new accessories on social media. So why not show off your new nail art as well?

You’ve mastered a new technique

There are many techniques in manicure that are more difficult than what people think. There is definitely more than it meets the eye. For example, some of these techniques include water marbling and graphic design. When you perfect a certain technique, you have earned the right to show off. Enjoy your spotlight.

When to avoid nail art

When you are under stress

One of the side effects of stress is biting nails. Pair that with unmanicured cuticles, and you’ve got the worst possible canvas for your nail art. Wait until you feel relieved. Make sure your nails look smooth and healthy. Then, whether they are long enough or not, go for some nail art, and try some nail hardener. After all, you do not want to post your sloppy manicure on Instagram, right?

Before doing any hand job

No, we are not talking about any erotic hand job. Before working with your hands, you do not need nail art. Why? Simple. Because why spend so much time perfecting your nails, and then use your hands for something that might ruin your manicure?

That being said, you should avoid getting nail art before moving, going on a vacation, washing the dishes, washing your car, or any other labor activities. And before you say nail art is great for the summer beach days, you need to know that sand, salt, and water can destroy your nail polish.

Formal events

Not many formal events command nail art. They command more elegant, sophisticated, and formal manicure. The only formal event where nail art is suitable and appropriate is the prom. For formal events, it is much better to stick to rich color manicure and textured polish.

Your friend’s special day

It doesn’t matter if it is your friend’s birthday, wedding day, or any other special day. At that day, you want to stay away from the spotlight, and allow your friend to shine. Even better, instead of doing your own nail art, help your friend get her nails done.


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