There is a reason why you add the adjective, best before you call him just a friend. There might be several reasons why the person could be your best shoulder to cry on, giggle with, or just to hang out. Therefore, his importance in your life deserves to be celebrated. And how great a moment can be than his birthday itself? Take this occasion to gift him an exuberant birthday present that he will remember for years to come. Selecting a gift that inspires your best friend, and that comes to use for his/her day to day activity would be apt. This way you will constantly be remembered by your friend, whenever your gift comes in use.

To ease your process of selection and for you to avoid common gifts, we feature a list of 7 Birthday Gift Ideas for your best friend that will express your love and affection towards him. Before we focus your mind on a particular gift, prioritize his taste and choices. It is utterly useless to give a customized sports jersey to a person who isn’t involved in sports that much.

Birthday Gift Ideas That Will Excite Your Best Friend

Modify His Car without Letting Him Know

7 Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

If he loves driving, this should be on the top of your priority list. Have you ever watched episodes of Counting Cars or Leepu and Pitbull? If not, we’ll simplify it for you all. Borrow your friend’s car for a couple of days before his birthday and take it to the best modifiers in the town. Ask the modifiers to change the entire look of the car using their imagination. Just on the d-day, surprise him/her with the new look of the car. And make sure, you record his/her happiness on their face after seeing their vehicle.

Exquisite Wine Tote

7 Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

He/she must’ve collected a wide array of wine bottles, and he/she is fully sufficed of his/her wine collection. Now that he has a healthy wine collection, an exquisite wine tote is a perfect gift that’d take extreme care of his much-loved wine bottles. If you don’t wish to keep the tote empty, you can always add a special edition wine bottle to enhance the gift value.

Travel Kit

7 Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

Inspire your lad to travel be presenting him the travel kit. The kit consists of all the essentials needed to enhance his/her travel journeys. It would give you the chance to stay with your best mate wherever he/she goes. He/she will never miss your presence whenever he/she is on a long travel journey. In case your buddy is a hiker, you can opt for a hiking kit that consists of ropes, knives, saddle bags, lighters, etc.

A ticket to his/her favorite team or rock band concert

This can be an enticing gift to someone who is passionate about his choice of sport or music band. It could be an event he’d never forget for his lifetime. And the fact that the opportunity to see his favorite team or band perform is gifted by you, he’d understand your efforts to keep him happy. Don’t just give him the tickets and let him alone witness the magic, if possible accompany him/her, and you will give him one of the mystical nights to remember.

Official Merchandise of his favorite Sport

7 Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

Be it a jersey, a scarf, or a simple memoir, the value of the gift increases when it is signed by a player or issued especially for you by his/her favorite team. Last month it was my birthday, and I got a Manchester United muffler from my best friend. Trust me it was the most beautiful gift I thought I ever received in my 24-year lifespan. Not as costly as either of the gifts, but the fact that it is a chronicle of his/her favorite team will let him cherish the gift forever. You’ll always see the merchandise being flaunted by the receiver with ultimate pride.

6 in one Treadmill-cum-Jogger

7 Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

In case your friend is a fitness freak or if he/she is just too lazy to get out of the house to hit the gym, it is a perfect gift that will motivate him/her to keep in shape. The 6 in one treadmill is fantastic equipment which gives you the accessibility of gym right in the place you dwell. The important perk of the treadmill is that it is foldable which cancels out the space issues in your home. Apart from the jogging treadmill, the receiver gets the freedom of using 5 other gym equipments from the same machine. He’ll admire your efforts to keep him fit and formidable. The thing that you care about his/her fitness would express your love towards the core.

A yearly subscription of his/her favorite magazine

7 Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Best Friend

If he is onto some sort of magazines, being his/her best friend, you’d definitely know his/her choice. Therefore, considering his choice, you can gift him a yearly subscription of his favorite magazine. Not only it will surprise him to receive a gift with an innovativeness like this, but will also appreciate your wit and thought behind the gift. Every time he lounges himself into the magazines, you’ll run through his mind and secretly smile for the cunningness you have shown while gifting him the subscription.

If you don’t want to present him mainstream gifts like watches, sunglasses, clothes or shoes, you can opt for one of the seven mentioned above. We are sure that the gifts mentioned above have their own sentimental values as well as it would be handy for the receiver. And what else is the best way to tell your bestie about your appreciation towards him? These gifts would perfectly serve the occasion, and your best friend would love them to the core. You can definitely have a thought of gifting him something he wants or desires the most. But in case if you’re still confused, then check out this list of birthday gift ideas for the best friend from

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