A Guide to Choosing Gender-Neutral Wedding Rings

While fashions and trends change like the weather, there are deep-seated traditions for events like weddings that most people conform to, yet it seems to be a trend to break the stereotype mould. There’s no better way to break away from tradition that gender-neutral wedding rings. Designing a wedding ring that can be worn by either sex is a great idea, and it works well with both traditional and same sex marriages. With that in mind, here are a few tips on creating gender neutral wedding bands. 

Choosing the Design

Rather that wasting your time looking for gender-neutral wedding rings, Google a custom jeweller who is local to your area for the best ideas regarding wedding rings, and they would be able to create something that reflects your values. It would even be best to get your wedding rings from the jeweller where you got your engagement ring. This way, the design of the engagement ring and wedding rings would complement. Having the wedding rings custom made is no more expensive that buying off-the-shelf, and you get to choose the stones, the band and the setting.

Choosing the Metal

You have a choice of white or rose gold, platinum, or even palladium, which is a popular choice not only for Brisbane engagement rings but also for wedding bands. A wide band design would be very suitable for a gender-neutral wedding ring design. Platinum offers an eternal sheen that never fades, and makes for an ideal unisex wedding band.

A Guide to Choosing Gender-Neutral Wedding Rings

Row of Diamonds

This is perhaps the most popular setting for a gender-neutral wedding ring, with a row of sparkling stones set into the band with a bezel setting, either the stones set that surround the band, or just the front section. If the band is wide enough, you could have a double row of small diamonds, and with so many designs, you are not limited in your choices.

Single Raised Diamond

 This is another unique design for a unisex wedding ring, with a single large stone set into a thick band, and rather than a traditional solitaire type setting with prongs, you could have stone set into the band, which is a much stronger setting.

No Stones

Of course, a pair of gender-neutral wedding rings could be designed without using diamonds, or any precious stones, and with the band finished with a textured design, the rings would be very distinctive. One idea is to have identical engravings on both rings, or perhaps each ring is inscribed with half a sentence and when put together, it reveals a special message that only the wearers understand.

A Guide to Choosing Gender-Neutral Wedding Rings

Whatever you decide on, talk to an experienced custom jeweller about gender-neutral ring designs, and having the rings custom made is no more expensive than choosing existing rings. Those who wish to avoid traditions for their wedding have many design options for gender-neutral wedding ring designs, and with the help of an established custom jeweller, you can come up with a truly unique pair of wedding rings.

More and more couples are choosing to move away from traditions when getting married, and with the help of a good custom jeweller, you can create a pair of gender-neutral wedding rings that reflect your feelings for each other.

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