Beach Blonde

There’s something about the beach that works wonders for your hair. You know the feeling. You get out of the salty water and your hair dries into full, free waves that you would be challenged to achieve at home. As the salt and other ocean particles dry in your hair, they give it a fuller texture. Your hair also reacts positively to these natural minerals which help nourish your hair, where salt alone would dry it out. The result is natural body and, above all, waves. These waves are associated with surfers and beach babes, and they can be yours wherever you are, finally, with Beach Blonde® Sea Waves™ Sea Salt Spray.

This John Frieda product isn’t just for blondes, though blondes will certainly love its effects. Ladies with brown and red hair also have great results with the texturizing power of Beach Blonde. This product uses the same mechanism of action as natural ocean water, salt and other minerals. But it also provides extra nourishment through coconut and other oils, so your hair is fed even as it’s texturized.

If you’ve got questions about how best to use Beach Blonde, JOHN FRIEDA® International Creative Consultant Harry Josh has some insight on this issue. He has an amazing tutorial about how to transition from a more conservative wave look to the lux boho waves you can get with a few spritzes of Beach Blonde. By simply moving a classic side part to the center, you’ve got instant bohemian. And by adding body to your existing waves with Beach Blonde, you’ll have an entirely different look with minimal effort, one that can transition from street to board room to runway, or wherever you spend your time. Waves are classic, and this is one of the best new ways to get them, even if your hair doesn’t naturally take that shape.

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