A set of well-maintained and well tweaked teeth can make any outfit. Teeth can seem unnatural if too white and too perfect, so it’s the ideal to have a good set that look good and do their job with the minimum of fuss. Luckily, to help us along, technology is pushing dental health along just like every industry today.

So, what are these trends? What procedures and routine stuff might you be looking to get done to improve your look? Your hair, teeth or makeup can be as important to putting an outfit together as a trinket or jacket. Read on to see a few of these hot trends.

Laser-Action Veneering

Veneers are a product that have been going for a long time, favored by celebrities and everyday people alike for their ability to provide improvements to teeth appearance on a relatively small budget. Veneers are a common skill among qualified cosmetic and restorative dentists, meaning a good job isn’t hard to come back. What recent years have dragged up, however, is laser powered tooth veneers. This futuristic technology doesn’t just cover up your tooth, it can skim away the gum to increase the geometric quality of your gums. To boot, it’s quite affordable and can be done in under an hour.

Teeth Whitening

Whitening teeth is probably the key market for all dentists and all dental products. Toothpaste will barely move off the shelf if it doesn’t have some nod towards teeth whitening, and charcoal ‘cleansing’ pastes have made great progress this year as a new fangled way to reduce discoloration of teeth. However, clinicians including Dr. Carl Metz DDS have warned against over-the-counter and consumer based whitening solutions, as they can be ineffective or dangerous for oral hygiene. Dentists have risen to meet this challenge, developing products like the whitespeed lamp to do this painlessly and electronically.

3D Printing

Finally, a nod to 3D printing. 3D printing has moved into the mainstream out of hobbyists areas, with affordable and good quality 3D printers being used by consumers and companies alike. The impact for those having dental work is better quality, more closely fitting and durable dentures, fillings, and other oral hygiene products.

Between teeth whitening, veneers and 3D replacements, dental technology is becoming affordable and ever more innovative to reach your needs and keep you feeling fabulous.

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