Yes, women are shopaholic and we know we cannot buy what we want all the time. But then, what fashion is to women is what inspiration is to men!

When it comes to designer bags, every woman loves them. If you are one of those thinking of buying a new designer handbag, you should know the designer styles that are popular today. After all, unless you buy one of those classic designs, chances are the designer style will not be that popular the next season. You do not intend to buy a new bag every season, do you? So here is a list of the best designer styles to buy (or at least keep a tap on them to buy later!).

Alexander Wang

This brand definitely boasts about the creation of the ‘stud bottomed bowling bag’. Its key feature includes being stylish and sophisticated ad will last for a longer time than you expected without being worn out. It costs about $ 1200.


The bag can remind you of popular name people This bag has this effortlessly stylish appearance with trapeze lines with an impeccable combination of the exquisite beauty along with the very modern look. The brand comes closely to $ 2200, but can anyone doubt its elegance?


Spend some $ 1800 to get hold of the Mulberry brand designer handbags. It is on the top of the list for the of-the-moment key trend. It’s ubiquitous pistachio colour shaded bag, has the space almost double as that of a standard clutch. The willow bag is a mark of sophistication and elegance and will definitely mark your standard high among your friends!


The latest fashion trends from this fashion-fiesta brand are a range of saffiano bags of leather. Sleek and chain strapped bags, they are sure to make your friends jealous.

Miu Miu

For the quirky and cutesy tote bags, try the Miu Miu bags which comes in cracked leather. This is also one of the latest trends in the fashion house. They range around a thousand dollars.


There are a number of wholesale designer handbag e-commerce stores who sell a variety of handbags made by top European Brand Name Houses. You will save up to 50% off the Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price. If you run a Google Search for key words such as designer handbags, wholesale bag, wholesale designer handbags, and handbags at wholesale or designer handbags at wholesale, you can find these authorized websites.

Most designer bags will be yours for around $ 1,000. There are expensive designer bags as well. These can cost as much as $ 10,000 or more if they are made from crocodile leather and are a collector’s item.

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