Fashion is always existing in the transmigration. On one hand, it is regarded as the respect to the classic models; on the other hand, it is regarded as the new product when the lack of creativeness occurs in the present fashion industry. However, as the only followers of the fashion, we might not be so painful and worried as the designers and critics are, afraid of the situation that the fashion is passing away; what we should do is to respect the Authentic Products, and improve the level of appreciating the items, trying to know exactly of the fashion.

As there are more recovered luxury items come into our sights, let us just have a short look at some luxury brands who are keen on renovating the classic items to the new design. You may have your own idea about which one is the better between the classic ones or the new items.

The Remarkable Logo From Gucci. In the year of 1973, when the song of “Free Bird” by Lynyrd Skynyrd became the forever sone in the radio; and the time when the super model Veruschka from German showed her best time on T stage; Gucci released its classic bag of “Over The Shoulder Logo Bag”. The bag is worn by the shoulder. At that winter, this Gucci Bag returned into the public’s sight with its unique material of crocodile and ostrich skin; matching with the unisex pants and jackets, the combination was the forever idol. Start from last year, we could see more classic Gucci 1973 Bags.

It could not be forgettable of the Lady Dior Handbag. The lady bag was designed specially for Princess Diana in 1995. At present, this model of bag is renovated into the new style of army fashion. The change in the bag seems to tell that the public are now tired of the conservative royal fashion, and they like more the rebellious.

Whatever the items change, they increase the collection to the Fashion Followers and gain attention from the public; this might be the reason of why so many luxury brands are keen on the renovation of the classic items to the new style.

How much do you feel the Gucci’s Items? is providing authentic quality Gucci Bags, Gucci Shoes, etc.

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