She has a vulgarity brand personality, style, simplicity and extravagance, but maverick image, pleasant, low-key and pragmatic and passionate. Ingenious’s Epicenter flagship store, and unfettered “nonsense” Marketing Is her forte. She is Prada, Louis Vuitton and Gucci, etc. comparable to the world’s top luxury brands.

Experience marketing success on the terminal body

Luxury because of its specificity, the channel strategy very different from ordinary FMCG. It requires channels to maintain a non-saturated state, as much as possible to complete the effective coverage of the target market, in short?? Few but expensive, short and not abusive. This Sell Terminal on a channel a key factor in the success or failure.

In fact, the innovative shop concept is the key factor in the success of one of Prada. Prada created for each new store will be shopping around architectural style and consumption environment, the quality of the hotel or the street, storefront space overall consideration. Well, unique location and magnificent Prada store designed to store often become a landmark of the city center.

Epicenter flagship store, a new interpretation of the concept of shopping space

Terminal is the brand and consumers into direct contact with the place, consumers in the end the experience factor to a considerable extent determines the value of brand in their minds. In 1999, Prada has implemented a research project, by creating new retail, so that consumers better shopping experience. Under the program, Prada in London, San Francisco, New York construction Epicenter. Epicenter building by the Pulitzer Prize?? Dutch architect RemKoolhaas personal surgeon. Epicenter interpretation of the concept of a new shopping space, it is not the convention, go beyond the traditional boutique design. When Prada “light green boutique” is a global network to meet growing consumer, the Prada Epicenter flagship store has become a unique local landmark, and further embodies the classic Prada products and brands and elegance . Epicenter

New York flagship store near Broadway and Mercer streets, through the outside stairs of the ups and downs, and the New York flagship store downtown streets side by side. This huge area of 23,000 square meters of luxury shopping malls full of brand new technology with personalized style, shopping, entertainment, sightseeing and many other features all in one, to provide consumers with unparalleled good experience. For example, the store can be turned into a theater, people can look at a speech or drama.

Epicenter Tokyo store the same ingenuity. The design concept originated in the crystal clear crystal with diamond bezel, by the hundreds of cell wall constitutes a very contemporary, called cutting-edge technology and unique design combination of methods. In 2003, the store soon as he opened, it became a famous fashion Tokyo landscape. Not only the ordinary consumers, many Star Are the same as the pilgrimage to visit this famous flagship store. No wonder Prada played this slogan: can not afford Prada, at least can go to Prada to travel!

If so gorgeous Prada shop reputation in its promotional activities is to attract numerous eye. Whenever the season goes by, the Prada will be in stores at a special promotional activities, media and top clients to the best new products displayed by these opinion leaders to better guide the trend. In addition, the Prada store for the brand also goes beyond the traditional service awareness, through the experience of activities to store and brand interaction, and to realize a win-win.

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