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The first time I learn to wear saree was a chiffon saree at my age of 18. It was our college fest, and it was days of sticky summer. I pleaded with my mom to give one of her beautiful sarees, and she bring out a beautiful lemon yellow chiffon saree with floral prints on it. The first question I asked, “Is it comfortable? She smiled and replied, ‘You will see.’ She helped me to wear it and when I completed to wear it with pleats; I turned to the mirror and got surprised. A saree can change a girl within a moment. No matter how she looks, a saree can bring out the elegance and sophistication that every woman own. It was that day that I fall in love with chiffon saree.

Now, when I wear saree for my office, or my 18-year daughter wants to wear saree sometime, we always prefer chiffon as those are airy and woven in a way that makes it lightweight. It is definitely the other name of comfort when you can’t wear heavy silk or other synthetic materials. Chiffon sarees are a perfect amalgamation of comfort and style, and it is difficult to find any women’s wardrobe without chiffon saree.

These sarees are translucent, airy, light and comfortable and these are woven into the original fabric, crafted from silk, cotton and other synthetic fibers. The word, ‘Chiffon’ is originated from the French word which means pure quality. So far I am associated with this type of saree; I know how true that is.

Buying saree is always special, and when my mother found my love for chiffon, she took me to Mysore Saree Udyog for my first saree, and when I take my daughter to the same place, it feels great that they are serving from generations with increasing popularity and good will. And now their enriched website has made it super easy to follow your fashion and buy whatever you need, just by clicking a button.

Why Chiffon Sarees Are Always the First Choice of All Ladies

No matter how we like to wear western outfits, the glamor and elegance of an Indian lady will always be vibrant with sarees. No matter what type you wear, if you drape correctly, you can let men go trembling on their knees with your look. Today, young woman prefer chiffon sarees over than matte-finished cotton and heavy silk, and there are several reasons behind it.

Initially, it is very comfortable. If you are in a tropical country like India and want to wear saree for any occasion, there is nothing better than chiffon sarees. The lightweight saree not only give you sheer comfort but also highlight your grace.

To accentuate your curves, chiffon sarees are just awesome. They don’t give you a rounded look like any other heavy saree, and you can wear it tightly that will make you look gorgeous. For young girls, who follow TV serials and want to follow the fashion trends of celebrities, chiffon saree and the new wearing styles are so much appealing to them! I am saying this as I am seeing my daughter and her friends and they look like butterflies in that colorful chiffon saree!

There is another reason that women love to wear chiffon sarees and that is they are easy to wear, and young girls can handle it efficiently. Even, girls, who are wearing saree for the first time and can’t manage other heavy sarees, they can also wear chiffon as those are easily manageable. You can easily gather and tuck the pleats as you don’t need to tussle with the fiber.

Don’t Forget Suitable Accessories

You can pin up the pallu (the part on your shoulder) or leave it to cover your shoulder as both of the styles look great. Take a beautiful clutch; wear suitable earrings, and a little makeup will make you look vibrant. The most important advantage of wearing chiffon saree is that the fiber won’t get crumbled and you can maintain an organized look throughout the day. Pair up with a designer blouse and proper footwear, and you are ready to go. Buy latest designer chiffon sarees from Mysore Saree Udyog and bring out the elegance inside you.

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