One of the things that every good cook loves to do is share their inventions. Yes, those tasty morsels whipped up in a moment of inspiration are often the best dishes ever. How many times have you reached in the refrigerator for an ingredient that isn’t there only to ‘substitute’ something you ‘think’ should work, and it does? Not only does it work just fine but it turned out better than the original. You have probably all run across this very situation at least once in your life, so you know how it goes.

Why not take your passion to the world? Share your recipes, get tips from others who are passionate about cooking and before long there will be a whole community of people around the globe cooking the very same recipes and loving every bite of them! Here are a few ways to share the wealth – wealth of recipes that is!


Join a Food & Cooking Forum

There are a number of food and cooking forums out there on the web so all you need to do is search for them through Google, Yahoo or Bing. One thing you should be aware of is that not all forums are as friendly as they can be. You will always run across one where the moderator likes to rule with a heavy hand, so beware of trying to get yourself in there because newbies might not be well tolerated.

There are not many like this, most are eager to have membership and learn from each other, but they are out there. Take the time to read through several posts and their subsequent comments to see just how friendly folks are before joining.

Start a Food & Recipe Blog

If cooking and eating deliciously healthy foods is truly your passion, why not start a blog? It is not hard to do and with the right direction, you can learn to start a food blog with Gary’s guide. It doesn’t have to cost a small fortune with the right hosting company and if you are really into cooking, it’s a great way to control the kinds of posts you want to share (allowing others to freely join in).

The other huge advantage is that you can actually make money to fund your passion – how many people you know can say that? Spend as little or as much time as you want writing posts and sharing recipes but you will find that before long, you’ll have all your little tips and tricks out there for everyone to share.

Post Recipes on Sites that Allow Guest Posting

There are also a number of sites that will allow you to do a bit of guest posting to build a following and improve your SEO. The only real drawback is if you have tons of recipes you’d like to share along with tips and hints for organizing a smooth kitchen setup. If you are just looking to share a recipe or two, guest posting is perfect.

However, if you’ve loads to say and tons to share, you are better off learning how to build your own site. You can always come back and guest post occasionally and link back and forth as well, but with your own blog you can write to your heart’s content and no one will say ‘Enough is enough!” That’s for you to decide as the owner of the blog.

Final Word

So, cooking is your passion? Share it with the world because there are millions of great cooks just like you out there who are dying to share their own recipes and tips. Everyone needs to eat and everyone loves to try a new recipe every now and again. So get blogging and you may just end up running a multi-million dollar recipe website.

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