Cosmetic surgery has become more and more popular over the years as procedures become safer, downtime is reduced, it’s more affordable, and is vastly more acceptable than it was a few decades ago. In years past, people would flock to the plastic surgery ‘capitals’ of the world in what is called medical tourism, wanting to work with the best plastic surgeon they could find.

Cosmetic Surgery Capitals of the World

As travel has become more accessible with flights leaving to almost anywhere in the world from more and more airports and more people opting for plastic surgery, there is a new wave of medical tourism; that of people looking for the best deal on the operation. No longer does it matter what the reputation of the surgeon, the relationship built-usually over time-with a trained medical staff, or the access to follow up care. Instead, people are choosing locations where the price tag is the lower, at times as low as half the price. Unfortunately, what most people don’t consider are the long-term ramifications of choosing a cheaper procedure. The locations that can provide procedures at these low prices are usually in countries that don’t have strict medical laws, the health conditions may be questionable, and the price are only so low because it’s a third world economy (OR if you don’t like this {due to the exchange rate}). All these factors add up to more risks assumed by the patient with less protection if it goes wrong, and a higher chance of infection from operating conditions or post op complications.

This has shifted the dynamics of medical tourism locations. Where once people flocked to luxurious settings, where the procedure what part of an experience or extended vacation in a luxury area, they now vacation in a cheaper place where the locations are luxury only because of how far the currency can go. Instead of medical spas and resorts with well qualified staff reserved for those with money around the world, people now head to clinics that they can be in and out of while on vacation. Unfortunately, most people who opt to vacation their plastic surgery don’t realize the recovery from the operation doesn’t allow for many vacation activities.

This is not to be said that plastic surgery should only be performed somewhere local, regardless of the cost or in high end resorts. Instead, it is a caution to look at both the staff and facility where the procedure is to be performed- considering the procedure itself- while looking into the health codes and medical practices of the locale. Taking the time to research the facility and develop a relationship with the staff, especially the surgeon, will do much to help you get the best experience possible.

Medical tourism has been around for centuries, throwing back to the days when people would travel to ‘baths’ to recover from various ailments. While these ancient spas were hot springs or other naturally occurring areas with health benefits, the concept still exists today. Just with far more extras. The popularization of cosmetic surgery doesn’t mean the exclusiveness of it has gone away either, locations still cater to an exclusive clientele. Today, medical tourism can be split into different crowds; the high end and the more inclusive, mainstream market.

Because of this, the plastic surgery capitals of the world can be split into two different groups.

For the higher end, experience-oriented crowd the top locations for plastic surgery are; United States, Mediterranean, Australia, and Europe. For the more mainstream, budget conscious crowd are more likely to head to locations such as; Mexico, Thailand, Southeast Asia, India, and the upcoming Eastern Europe area.

Ideally, if plastic surgery is a choice you are making, you will choose a location that is close to you or one that provides extensive follow up care as that is when the highest chance of complications and need for support arises. If medical tourism interests you, be sure to choose your location and facility wisely to ensure that you get the best experience possible with the least chance of complications.

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