Fulfill the functionality and design sense of the new bags, just as the brand for its modern sense can be made to the footnote. When Louis Vuitton introduced the theme of China’s wind the spring and summer 2011 series, Armani Sunglasses immediately close to the subject to turn into a retro Sachet. In addition to this mini-section evening bags, brands have been offering smaller size classic bag: Loewe’s Amazona bag, Chanel’s 2.55, Hermes Birkin bag of money into a super-mini, “Moe”force can not really Jiaoren Resist.

Roberto Cavalli Spring 2011, the main push in the romantic tassel design, with this style, and bags have also been added Durian Browne tassels. If you think these are too cumbersome long tassels Jiaoren place to start, Valentino handbag to set the starting point for a close – those facing the envelope bag, clutch bag that loss of people, they can be found from this starting point Focus. Support a major gas field as an object, Gianfranco Ferre’s new handbag with the big stars big stars of flash diamond decoration, simple and sober with the new spring and summer, did not see the gas field weakening.

Large bags are not disappeared, one of the most noteworthy, the number of Jil Sander to the large plastic bag with one hand: a distance, as if markets for fish thick vest bag, green fashion elements afraid again to take this Oakley Sunglasses to That matter.

Shoe charm of a single product the second eye

Alexander McQueen designs each year, will contribute to the beauty of shoes unexpected, even after the death of the founder, Sarah Burton is still a perfect extension of this tradition. In spring and summer 2011 series, Sarah Burton impressive shoes to simulate snow on the elegance of nature that few pairs. Fluttering butterflies seem to stop petals scattered in a pile, just have a piece of sculpture.

Christian Dior shoes chou walk exaggerated line, eye-catching new season, the focus is to hit a bold color. Strap high heels from the ribbon Ray Ban Sunglasses, shoe soles, uppers to the heel, a large platter to form a color, but also cater to the bright spring and summer of 2011 the  recovery of popular topics.

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