People expect to achieve a perfection level in their appearance and they use various beauty treatment methods for this purpose. Some centuries-old beauty tips are still in trend whereas new cosmetics and serums are continuously coming into existence in the market. The business of beauty products is inflating rapidly with some innovative inventions that are about to replace the traditional concepts completely. For reliable and instant results, light therapy has become the first preference. Laser beam, intense pulse light and plasma pen are some names that are gradually occupying salons and skin treatment centres worldwide.

Evolving Light Therapy Trends For Permanent Hair Removal and Beauty Treatments

Why Is Light therapy considered a better option than traditional cosmetics?

1)   Instant Results

Everyone wants instant results whether it is a beauty treatment or investment return. Therefore, all beauty products manufacturers claim fast results than others. However, if you are expecting really fast results that become visible right after the first treatment session then choose light therapy. The laser clinics in Melbourne have machines that are capable of healing the issues by penetrating the skin layers where the real problem exists.

2)   Long-Term Solution

Cosmetics can help in beauty improvement but their impacts are short termed. Your face will look young and flawless till the makeup in on the face. Once the makeup is removed, the same old dull face will appear again. Thus, it is recommended to prefer a light-based therapy. It requires a few sessions for complete treatment at laser clinics in Melbourne but the results are long-lasting and sometimes permanent too.

3)   No Harmful Chemicals

All cosmetics and other creams contain chemicals that come with no surety label of safe results. Skin of every person reacts to chemicals and cosmetics differently which cannot be predicted before applying. On the other hand, light therapies don’t involve anything else either than wavelengths. The therapists know which kind of light suit best on a specific pigment or skin type.

4)     Multipurpose

Light therapy equipment like IPL hair removal machine or laser is meant for multipurpose use. The Machine that can be used for permanent hair removal can also effectively rejuvenate the skin by removing fine lines and wrinkles. While talking about cosmetics, you will have to buy a complete kit of weird tubes or boxes that are specified to apply in the regular schedule of morning, afternoon, evening and night. It seems like as you are on a serious medication course which is essential to follow on regular basis.

5)   Natural Process

Whether you are using a plasma pen or IPL hair removal machine lamp, all light therapies work totally in a natural way. When the beam of light is emitted, it stimulates the skin tissues in a manner that body automatically starts eliminating the deficiencies. As an alternative, supplements and cosmetics are available in the market but their working process is totally artificial. This is the reason why light therapy treatment is long-lasting.

Evolving Light Therapy Trends For Permanent Hair Removal and Beauty Treatments

Types of Light Therapies That Are Dominating Beauty Products Market

1)   Intense Pulse Light

Intense Pulse Light aka IPL hair removal machine is occupying many salons and skin treatment centres because of its ease of use and no certified training requirements. In this process, a broad spectrum of different wavelengths is emitted on a targeted area of skin. This light is generated from a xenon lamp that emits at l3east 10 pulses per second. This light enters dermis layer of skin and solves many issues like skin rejuvenation, birthmarks removal and tattoo removal. Also, it is among the first preferences for those who want instant results of skin rejuvenation. Some experts also use it for permanent hair removal but a laser is a better option for this purpose.

2)   Laser

Laser is one of the oldest light therapies that are still occupying a major share in beauty products market because of its high intensity. The initial models of laser were unreliable but advancement in technology has made them safe to use. The source of laser emits a narrow spectrum which has almost single wavelength. The laser clinics in Melbourne consider concentrated beam as a perfect solution if you want permanent hair removal. The light directly enters in dermis layer where hair follicles are present that you can consider as roots. The light energy turns into heat energy and destroys targeted follicles. After 2 or 3 sessions, the hair growth completely halts.

3)   LED Light in Different Colours

LED is recently introduced in beauty treatment products market but gaining massive attention at an initial stage. Light emitting diodes bring revolutionary changes lighting industry and now it is all set to dominate the beauty products market. LED of different colours can help in healing different kinds of skin problems. It is a long-term therapy that takes months to obtain desired results but doesn’t involve any threat of scarring, redness or swelling like laser and IPL.

Evolving Light Therapy Trends For Permanent Hair Removal and Beauty Treatments

Currently, You Can Utilise 4 Kinds of LED Lights i.e.

1)   Blue: – It is capable of eliminating the vulgaris bacteria which responsible for acne invasion. With the combination of red light, it works much effectively.

2)   Yellow: – Yellow LED is preferred by those people who are growing old and facing the issues of wrinkles and fine lines. it boosts the blood circulation and reduces the wrinkle-causing inflammation by improving the cell density in body.

3)   Green: – If you are suffering from pigmentation ussies like dark circles, sun spots and broken capillaries, green LED can help by boosting skin repair functions.

4)   Red: – Red light is an effective remedy for inflammation caused by acne, sunburn or other reasons. Due to its spectacular results in different problems, experts suggest red LED combination with other colours.

Evolving Light Therapy Trends For Permanent Hair Removal and Beauty Treatments

Apart from above therapies like IPL hair removal machine and laser, some other options are also available as alternatives to cosmetics, supplements and harmful chemicals. For instance, plasma is a revolutionary concept in skin treatment industry because it helps in repairing and rejuvenating the skin in an effective way. Nitrogen-based plasma is stimulated in a pen-like device. Its energy is directed in the targeted area of skin with quartz nozzle that regenerates skin tissue by producing collagen inside a body. Also cryolipolysis fat freezing machine and microdermabrasion machine options are great alternatives to achieve desired body shape and texture.

The alternatives of all traditional beauty treatment products are coming into existence in the form of electronic devices. These machines are capable of delivering instant results as well as commit for safe treatment. If you are planning to visit a beauty salon this weekend, try to find a hi-tech option in your locality. After just 1 visit, it will totally change your perspective towards beauty products that you are currently using.

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