Fashion footwear can look good and still support your feet

Urban fashions make some women look great in even the most basic looks, and at New York Fashion Week, we saw how a plain pair of yellow sneakers can look great with a raspberry pink Rejina Pyo cinch-waisted dress.

On the other end of the fashion scale are those designs which are meant to be high fashion, but are just impractical for everyday use. Standard high heels come to mind – stylish? Sure. But if you’re planning on walking for more than ten minutes, you need to have a pair of flats tucked away somewhere. And according to Vogue, gladiator sandals with multiple straps are the “it” thing, despite the fact that they take fifteen minutes to put on, and when Rihanna wore them at the Met Gala it really just looked like she had forty rubber bands wrapped around her legs.

Some of the shoes seen on the runway remind me of Steve Martin’s old “Cruel Shoes” routine. There has to be some sort of balance between fashion and function when it comes to what we put on our feet! Melania Trump showed the ultimate in impracticality just recently when she visited hurricane-ravaged Texas, wearing Manolo Blahnik snakeskin stilettos. Wow, those shoes looked good – but they’re not the sort of thing you want to wear while you’re walking through a disaster area where your four-inch heels are likely to encounter at least five inches of mud.

Fashion footwear can look good and still support your feet
James Paxton, Matt Murray and Tyler Young, from the USA Network series Eyewitness, mug for the camera at the WORLDboots launch party

Giving us a little more balance between fashion and function, entrepreneur Marc Bruder teamed up with designer Ben Zerbe recently to launch a new brand of footwear with their new WORLDboots brand, revealed at a fab launch party in Hollywood last November.

The brand represents a new category of luxury footwear, which is stylish, while achieving the more practical goals of comfort and support. Zerbe and Bruder are re-inventing the genre of fashion-casual with a new level of craftsmanship and premium materials, with what they call “sneakerboots,” which combine an athletic midsole base with a luxurious and stylish upper. Coming in a variety of great colors, the collection’s eclectic style is definitely fashion-forward with a distinctive Korean influence, and designed by a pedorthist to actually cares what our feet feel like when we wear them. These are quite possibly the most comfortable shoes in the world, and they look good enough to wear for a night out on the town!

Pedorthists aren’t sexy, they are seldom fashionable, and they probably don’t get all the hot girls. But let’s face it, they know a thing or two about shoes. Seriously, do you think podiatrists had any role at all in the invention of stiletto heels? They are, after all, shoes with heels that are five inches tall and a half inch wide, and they are the most impractical item in the female wardrobe since the hoop skirt. WORLDboots had the great idea of putting a fashion designer and a foot doctor in the same room, and not letting them out until they had something that was both stylish and comfortable – and fortunately for us, it worked!

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