Does anyone really enjoy a first date? No – me neither! They generally consist of nervous laughing, awkward pauses and things you wish you’d never said! AND, before the dreaded ‘first date’ even begins you’ve got to worry about what to wear – you want to look good and impress, but you have no idea where to start; this commonly results in flustered phone calls to your trusted best friend, pleading for outfit ideas or begging to borrow their entire wardrobe.

Well, I’ll give you a headstart – here are 5 first date outfits to AVOID at all costs:

1. Clothes You Would Wear to Bed

You don’t want to horrify him by turning up in your favorite ‘slob clothes’ (and I know you’ve got some), in fact anything that you would relax in, clean in or go running in should be completely avoided. Remember that it’s a date; you want to make a good impression. Wear something that makes it look like you’ve made an effort, not that you’ve just ‘popped out to the shops to pick up a pint of milk’. He will appreciate it. Examine your chosen outfit and think about whether you would wear it whilst chilling with your friends. If yes, you should probably change.

2. Band Merchandise

Always, always, always avoid wearing anything with band names on; T-shirts, backpacks, caps, wristbands – anything! First dates can often start off quite awkwardly so you really want to minimize the possibility of awkwardness by ensuring that the conversation flows – you certainly don’t want to scare your date off before they even get to know you. If you meet your date for the first time sporting a 1D T-shirt, you’ll look like a crazed One Directioner that, most probably, loves Harry Styles! (Even if you are completely obsessed, I suggest you keep it your little secret for a while).

3. Heels that you Cannot Walk in

Making an effort on a first date is mandatory, but you don’t want to try too hard. You need to ensure that you are comfortable, and you don’t want your entire date to be ruined by excruciating pain from squeezing your feet into five-inch heels. It will also make things a bit awkward if he decides to take you for an evening stroll and you tumble headfirst into a hedge with your legs in the air.

4. A Revealing Number

If you want to show a bit of skin, opt for wearing shorter sleeves or a flattering halter neckline, but you don’t want to send out the wrong message. Try showing off your wrists or the top of your neck, this can often be much more attractive. You still want to retain an element of mystery, so keep it covered. A strange way to decide whether something is appropriate enough is to think about whether or not you would wear the outfit to meet you (hopefully) new boyfriends parents. If not, don’t wear it for your first date.

5. Anything you Haven’t Worn Before

This may sound like a strange one, but trust me it works! The first thing that any girl will want to do when planning a date is to buy a new outfit. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, but you want to ensure that you wear it before the date just to make sure it’s comfortable. You could buy the most amazing dress and wear it for the first time during the date, and it could turn out to be a nightmare! You don’t want to be self-conscious throughout the entire date. Imagine wearing the most beautiful skirt, only to find out during your date that it keeps riding up – nothing worse!

Go for something simple and classic. The best thing to do is to try on outfits with your friends and have them help you decide.

Oh and remember – hide the crazy!

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