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It depends. It’s difficult to answer without extra information about how much whitening is actually needed. You may realize that you need to ask a better question to truly answer the ‘DIY’ versus ‘in-office’ dilemma. The good news is that both methods fix your smile and make it brighter. But here’s what to consider.

Insurance Is All Clear

In-office whitening procedures vary per dentist and establishment, but if your insurance clears the premium quality whitening procedure then whiten away. Otherwise, cosmetic dental visits can be fearsomely costly when paying out of pocket. It’s the reason over-the-counter solutions exist.

Tooth Sensitivity

A toothpaste with whitening agents contains a lesser concentration of peroxide. Those with sensitive gums or teeth experience discomfort or pain when using particular whitening methods. Retainer methods use a gel with an amount of peroxide or whitening agent. The potency and amount of time inserted determines tooth sensitivity. Strips are another alternative yet disturb those with sensitive gums.

Time Is of the Essence

Perhaps you just discovered your insurance covers more procedures. You may want to wait and schedule an appointment with your dentist. Maybe you have an upcoming event and want to look your best. You could get away with a range of DIY methods. Procedures offered at the dentist are more intensive and garner the best results. But getting an appointment is not as easy as walking into a convenience store and grabbing a whitening solution.

Crunch the Numbers

Maybe you have not had your teeth cleaned or whitened in years and want to invest in a premium solution. Otherwise, you’ll want to crunch the numbers and see how much DIY products will cost on an annual basis. Compare it with the price of going to the dentist every three to six months for regular cleanings and gradual whitenings. Figure what works best for your pocket. Find ways to a White Smile.

Ask the Dentist

It may seem paradoxical to ask your dentist whether it’s better to have them do a procedure versus finding a DIY whitening solution, but it could be necessary for your situation. Those with existing or pre-existing tooth or gum issues may be limited. If you’ve had an extensive history of tooth or gum issues, consult your dentist first.

Your Daily Sin

Those who take great care of teeth and gums don’t need to whiten their teeth often. But many commit daily sins in the form of drinking coffee and wine or eating a number of foods that stain teeth. Avoid bad habits that influence the shade of your teeth and the health of gums.

It’s a Lifestyle

Being in shape or having the ability to run miles at a time requires a lifestyle commitment. Having a great white smile is similar. You can whiten teeth yet the yellow will return if you continue to smoke tobacco and drink too much coffee. Likewise, those who don’t brush and floss regularly chase the smile they want. Are you ready to make the commitment required to keep a white smile?

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