Forget Contouring—Here’s How You Can Have A Slimmer Face Without Invasive Surgery

Contouring has become one of the top makeup tricks that celebrities and social media stars use on an almost daily basis as it makes the face look slimmer and facial features more pronounced – perfect for those ubiquitous Instagram posts. It appears that the trend is here to stay as almost everyone, from makeup maven Charlotte Tilbury to reality star Kim Kardashian, has released a contouring kit to great success. But for those who want perfectly defined cheekbones and a face devoid of extra fat permanently, a pan of dark contouring powder simply won’t do. Apart from losing body fat and extra weight, more women are now on the lookout for solutions to give them a slimmer face for a fresher, younger, and more sophisticated look.

If your beauty goal is to have a glam, chiseled look this year, consider these options to have a slimmer face without invasive surgery.

Banish the double chin with Kybella

There are non-invasive aesthetic procedures that can take care of your double chin, and one of them is Kybella. This treatment should only be performed by a professional aesthetician and it involves injecting a non-animal and non-human derived deoxycholic acid into the jawline and neck to melt away fat. Before, traditional procedures would call for liposuction or a necklift for a slimmer face, and it may take weeks before the patient fully recovers from the procedure. But with Kybella, you’ll only feel slight discomfort after treatment, and though there may be slight swelling, it’s a normal part of the healing process.

Sculpt your cheeks with Golki therapy

Can a facial massage give you sculpted cheeks and a slimmer profile? It’s possible, however, what you want is no ordinary face massage but a non-invasive treatment called Golki therapy. This trend originated in Korea where having a perfect, V-shaped face—as seen on K-drama actors, actresses, and Korean pop stars—is considered as one of the ultimate standards of beauty. The 40-minute treatment involves massage techniques to encourage lymph fluid flow, which can diminish facial swelling or puffiness. Though one may have a slightly more pronounced jawline and a rosy skin tone after the first session, it may take several treatments before one has a noticeably slimmer face.

Give your body and facial muscles a workout

Anyone who has lost weight through exercise can attest that their face also looks slimmer afterward, and this is true whether you’ve shed 50 or only 5 pounds. For a slimmer face without going under the knife, try giving your body and your face a full workout. After doing cardio and lifting weights, do some facial slimming exercises to slim your cheeks. Here’s one easy move that you can do while resting—for more defined cheekbones, open your mouth to form a long, oval shape, hold the position for five seconds, then relax. Repeat at least 10 times.

Forget buying overhyped contour kits. For a permanent way to slim down full cheeks and get rid of double chins, try any of these non-invasive methods to give you a sculpted look that will turn heads wherever you go.


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