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Like most graduates in finance, Sam Hinedi was excited when he accepted a job offer from a leading financial institution in New York right after completing his MBA. “I grew up in Italy and completed my higher education in the US. To me, a finance job in New York was the ultimate career opportunity” he said.

Early on, he was assigned to manage customers in the Lifestyle, Beauty & Fashion industries, a task he really enjoyed due to all the interesting people he was meeting and the lifestyle that comes with dealing with those sectors of the economy.

But as years went by, Mr. Hinedi’s passion started to wane and he found himself in need of new inspiration. He began researching smaller, family-owned Italian fashion houses, companies that manufactured beautiful products but were virtually unknown outside of their regions in Italy.

It wasn’t long before Mr. Hinedi started toying with the idea of launching his own label. He envisioned a high-end lifestyle brand that inspired women, allowing them to always feel elegant and confident. He would base his company in New York, with manufacturing in Northern Italy to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship.

His first task was deciding on a name for his new venture. He got his a-ha moment late one night while standing in his Manhattan loft looking out at the countless lights and colors emanating from the New York skyline: NOTTEVERA, a play on two Italian words meaning ‘true night’.

“The reason I chose NOTTEVERA was the clarity with which it conveyed my vision of what I wanted my brand to represent, namely the mix of sensual emotions and experiences consumed in New York after dark and how all that energy can be reinterpreted into bold statement pieces that are unmistakably feminine, modern and unique” he explained.

He launched his business on the side in 1999, and eventually quit banking altogether a few years later to focus on growing his company full time. “It’s never easy to walk away from a high-paying job, but I found my new calling and decided to go for it when I felt the time was right” he said.

The brand is currently sold in the U.S., Europe and South Korea. There are also plans to enter the Middle East.

Mr. Hinedi is not the designer for NOTTEVERA, but as its founder and visionary he works closely with his design team to ensure that every collection is faithful to his brand’s premise.

“The ideal NOTTEVERA woman is a sophisticated trendsetter who is highly engaged, loves fashion and expects the very best quality and service. Elegant, charismatic and unapologetically feminine, she knows the difference between style and current trends and is not afraid to define herself with original ideas” he explained.

NOTTEVERA is an affordable luxury brand, reflecting the taste of its founder. Collections range from ready-to-wear to your basic accessories. All items are handcrafted by skilled artisans in Northern Italy and come in limited quantities, making them unique and exclusive. For more details on NOTTEVERA, please visit

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