Whether you are gifting engagement rings, friendship rings or wedding rings, jewelry is the universal symbol of love and devotion. Beyond its inherent worth and beauty, the perfect piece of jewelry speaks its own language. By selecting a gift that reminds the recipient of her birthday, you express your affection year round and make the special woman in your life feel pampered and loved. Here are some gem, jewelry and birthstone gift ideas for women that are specially personalized with her birthstone.

  1. January – Give your favorite January girl a gift featuring a red garnet stone. Gift a bracelet adorned with garnets and Swarovski crystal accents.
  2. February – A purple amethyst is a regal and royal stone, perfect for the one you love.  Fine jewelry is an instant pick-me-up piece for a cocktail dress. For her senior prom or graduation, give your special girl a ring featuring amethysts and diamonds.
  3. March – The color of March is a pale blue, aquamarine stone. For a piece of jewelry that is a conversation starter at a dinner party, buy your high-society love an aquamarine cocktail ring. This perfect piece of jewelry adds sparkle to the wearer’s hands and ups the shine and dazzle factor.
  4. April – Tell her that diamonds are forever, and so is your love for her. If your bride wants an opulent extra for a special event, a diamond choker or a diamond bracelet is a dazzling and glamorous gift. Diamonds are not only a girl’s best friend, but also a lasting way to say, “I love you.”
  5. May – May’s gemstone is the green emerald. The deep green color signifies eternal hope. For your favorite grandmother, give her a green emerald pendant to celebrate her life and your love for her.
  6. June– The pearl is a symbol of health and vitality for the June girl. As a gift, simple pearl opera-length strands gifted with simple diamond stud earrings make a serious and beautiful style statement.
  7. July – The ruby gemstone promises contentment and happiness for those who wear it. Send your daughter off to college with three or four slim bangles featuring ruby red stones.
  8. August – The pale green peridot is the stone for women born in August. More high-wattage than jade or aventurine quartz, a fabulous pair of green peridot earrings will never disappoint the wearer.
  9. September – Sapphires represents repentance, but make it clear to your favorite girl that you offer this piece of jewelry out of love and hope. Show your affection with a dainty, heart-shaped pendant necklace featuring a sapphire stone.
  10. October –An opal stone means love and variety. Tell your mother how special she is with a brooch adorned with white opal stones.
  11. November – The yellow topaz, which is November’s birthstone, symbolizes cheerfulness and happiness. Give the recipient a note that says, “I hope this yellow topaz bracelet will make you as happy as your love has made me.”
  12. December – December’s birthstone is the blue turquoise, which is the symbol of unconditional love and unselfishness.  Show your sister how special she is with a blue turquoise ring and a matching bracelet.
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