Get Your Pearl Game on with These Expert Tips

Coco Chanel once said: “A woman needs ropes and ropes of pearls.” While most of us are still working toward that goal, we probably all have at least one piece of jewelry that showcases these beautiful gems. We may have inherited a vintage double strand or a pair of pearl studs from our grandmothers, or have been gifted with pearls for an anniversary or a wedding. Chances are though, that most pearl-owning women don’t utilize them to their full potential. If this statement is applicable to you, here are a few things you can try:

  1. DIY pearl cleanse. If your pearls haven’t been cleaned in a while (or you didn’t even know that was a thing), they may be due for a cleaning. Never use a jewelry cleanser on pearls– instead, dilute a mild dish soap or laundry detergent meant for delicates and soak your pearls in the warm solution. Next, wipe them down with a soft towel and let them dry on a flat surface. Voila! Your pearls will go from dull to dazzling!
  2. Restringing. Did you know that pearls need to be restrung to keep them looking their best? The knots and string can shrink or fray, leaving your pearls vulnerable to abrasive rubbing and other damage. Strands that are overdue for a restringing are also more likely to tear, leaving you at risk of losing your pearls. Restringing is done by a professional, and is usually affordable. Speak with a reliable pearl jeweler to find out the best way to restring your strands.
  3. Redesign. Restringing is also beneficial in that it allows you to repurpose your pearls. If your current pieces don’t suit your style or wardrobe, restringing them will allow you to utilize them in a way that best meets your needs. For example, if you inherited a classic triple strand but don’t often have events that would justify wearing it, you can restring your gems as a single strand, a bracelet and some earrings. The options are endless!
  4. Wearing them! Sounds pretty obvious, right? But think back. How often have you worn those babies over the last month? Or even the last year? Chances are, the answer is not nearly enough. Stop saving your pearls for special occasions and bust them out on any random day just to give yourself a boost and up your glam factor. Pearls look amazing with pretty much anything, and can be paired with basic tops, jeans, sun dresses, maxi dresses—you name it! Just add a clean face with some tasteful makeup and a real pair of shoes (we mean some ballet flats, ditch those heels girl!), and your pearls will take center stage no matter where you’re headed. Trust us.


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