Style is nothing to do with excess.

It is not easy to find yourself in the right position and occasion to give him cuff links as a present. Nice cuff links are pricey so he should be a man who can appreciate them and you should be making enough money to give them. You’ll need to know him intimately to know 1. if he’s a man who wears cuff links and 2. what kind of cuff links he likes. Consider it jewelry and gift accordingly. However, if you find yourself in a position where cuff links are an appropriate gift, you’ll want to give something understated and classy like your man, or the man he wants to be.

Elsa Peretti is credited for elevating silver into luxury status. When she began designing for Tiffany and Company in 1974, silver became luxurious and Tiffany became affordable for many. Her jewelry is simple, modern, elegant and fluid. And her designs for men are no different. Understated but in impeccable good taste, just like the Cabochon Cuff Links in sterling silver. 13mm wide each, with turquoise that brings a vibrant spot of color and will look handsome on any man, adding an element of style without taking all the attention.

And here’s a tid bit to make you an even smarter gift giver: cabochon is French and refers to a gemstone that is shaped by polishing, as opposed to being cut and faceted. Transparent gems such as sapphire and diamonds are cut. Opaque ones such as those on these cuff links, usually get the cabochon-cut. Who gives great gifts? You do.

Give Him Cuff Links - Cabochon Turquoise Cuff Links

Price: USD $1,795 from Tiffany.

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