The elegance of glass jewellery gives it a special place in any woman’s collection alongside all the gold, silver and diamonds she might possess.

There is a smooth and almost fluid beauty to such pieces that have made glass items popular gifts for hundreds of years. But it is not just the wearer who can enjoy the shapes and patterns created; many jewellery makers love to work with the material because of the results they can achieve.

If you are considering buying some glass jewellery or simply want to know more about this area of artistry, then read the following tips:


As with any material, you can pretty much use glass in any creation, but the most popular options are necklaces and earrings. Because of the delicate nature of glass, you will tend to get smaller pieces of glass strung together on a metal or fabric chain or string. The combination of the glass with another material can help to achieve a deeper or more complex effect.

Satinato Red Venetian Murano Glass Drop Earrings.

Generally speaking, you will find that glass shapes will have rounded edges because of the way that the jewellery is formed, but far from being a limiting factor this slight lack of geometry means you will often find brilliantly other-worldly creations alongside more conventional ovals or spheres of glass.


The choice of colours and styles available is huge, but what you might begin to see are trends in the way certain designers or fashion houses put together their pieces; for example, Murano glass jewellery all originates from a solitary island off the Venetian coast, so certain patterns and colours may pop up in different collections.

What to wear

There is plenty of choice when it comes to what you can pair with your glass jewellery; it really depends on what sort of colours your earrings or necklace have on them. You may find that a lot of glass items feature one colour flecked with another, so you could try matching with the flecked colour, or completely contrasting with it.

Sirocco Black Twisted Murano Glass Drop Earrings.

While you can wear glass jewellery with casual outfits, the elegance of such pieces means they might be better saved for those days when you have one of your more stylish dresses on. More than anything, their delicate nature means they should be matched with an equally classy garment, rather than just any old jumper or T-shirt.


Naturally, you will want to be careful with your glass jewellery as it will not be as hard-wearing as metal equivalents, so make sure you remove such items if you are going to play sports or do something active. To be fair, most sports require you to take out jewellery anyway.

In terms of keeping this type of jewellery clean, you should use very mild cleaning fluid – look for one specifically made for jewellery – so as to avoid affecting the design. In many case it is the chain that will need a clean, particularly if it is a metal chain. Once you have cleaned and polished this up, the glass alongside it should show up much brighter too.


Author Bio: Angela Jones is a fashion design graduate and is passionate about jewellery. She is fond of writing in her leisure time. Nowadays she is busy in researching on exquisite engagement rings and Murano glass jewellery. To know more visit

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